Prayer and Praise

6 Weeks Old

Some say prayer is pointless. I would have to disagree with them. If it wasn’t for prayer, I know I would not be alive today

Prayer Requests:

* Prayer for Anna Sparling – answered!
* That I would do my very best on my finals for the winter term – answered!
* That the support needed to go to the Dominican Republic would be raised – answered!
* That God would open up doors to share my story with others – answered!
* Matt MacNeil – as he is doing mission work.
* That one of my co-workers would get saved through my witness at work.
* Kelsey – a quick healing of his ear.
* That I would become more simplistic in my living (material stuff) – answered! (Praise God)
* That I would eat healthier and loose 30lbs.
* That God would give me a clear vision of His will for me – regarding ministry.
* Wayne – That he gets into Seminary at PBU – that God directs his life – and that God continues to work through him. – answered!
* Sharla – that her adoption would be complete.
* That I would be able to pay off my school debt quickly.
* That my nephew (Dylan) will make it through a routine surgery next month safely. – answered!
* For my friend, John. For his health, his pastoral calling, and his future marriage.
* Nate – going on a mission trip to the D.R. for a month.
* God would open up a position for me to be a pastor.
* God would continue to work within relationship with my family.
* For Jess – she gets her visa to teach in Australia.
* Makarios – that God would continue to provide for them financially and spiritually.


* I have a great family
* I am alive
* I was able to share love with someone today
* I am having a great impact on my brother
* I am an intern pastor
* God’s Word is continually challenging me

(updated 01/21/2009)


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