Philippians Study (Reflection 1)

We have finished the first chapter of Philippians in ten days. I am so thankful for the opportunity to go through these verses at a much slower pace and really enjoy them, struggle with them, and ask questions. I think all too often, we rush to find an answer so that we don’t have to struggle with the passages we face. For me, I can think of at least five or six one-word answers I used to give to some of the most difficult questions about being a Christian. There finally came a point through were I had to grow up and ask the same questions over again without giving one-word answers. It was a lot harder this time around.

So far, the book of Philippians has been overwhelmingly encouraging to me. I am learning that it is important to live in a manner worthy of the Gospel (1:27) and how important it really is to pray every time I think about a friend or a family member (1:3). Some of the challenges for me have been to grasp Paul’s thought process of being in this body for the benefit of others. There is no doubt that being in heaven with Christ would be far better as Paul says, but I am learning that my purpose here is to glorify God with the time I have  – a small amount of time – on this earth (1:24).

The following post will start chapter two of Philippians. We will continue in the same fashion we have gone through chapter one. With thirty verses in chapter two, like chapter one, we will take three verses at a time and see what God has for us each day.

On a final note, I just want to thank those who have been reading along with me. It is never fun to go on a journey alone. It is a joy and I am honored to have to accompany me through the verses of Paul’s missionary letter to the Philippians. God bless.


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