Philippians Study (Part 2)

We are working through the book of Philippians a few verses at a time. When we read the Bible a little slower, we are able to see things that perhaps we have rushed through when we have read it before. So, in order to enjoy the text and glean as much as we can, we have decided to take time and worry more about quality rather than quantity. With that, we continue.

The Text:

“…Always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now. And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”

First Observations:

Paul must have prayed a lot. He prayed often for those he loved. His prayers must have been amazing prayers.

Praying about the Philippian people brought him joy. He must have smiled when he thought about them.

They were partners with Paul in the ministry. They supported him and aided in his missionary work.

Every since Paul shared the Gospel with the people of Philippi, these new believers sided with Paul. From the very beginning, they supported him.

Paul encouraged the people that God would bring everything to complete fulfillment.

Digging Deeper:

There are certain people who have an amazing ability to pray amazing prayers. Paul was one of those who prayed hard and often. He had a keen sense of how to pray. He always shared how he prayed with the people he wrote to. He knows he can only continue in ministry if he receives prayer – Paul prays for those who pray for him. It is a relationship of give and take.

Being in contact with people is important when doing missionary work. Paul has built a report with the people of Philippi. As all ready mentioned, they have supported Paul from the very beginning of Paul’s ministry there. If Paul didn’t write to them and send messages to them, I am not sure he they would have continued to support him as they have.

The good work Paul is referring to here be in respects to how the people of Philippi have supported Paul. Ultimately, Paul is saying that their efforts have rewards and results. These results will be complete at they day of Christ. When we give to others, we are blessed and the results of that blessing change us and challenge us to continually live differently. Paul encourages the people of Philippi to continually give. If they enjoy the blessings they have received thus far, they should continue to give. They are blessed as they give.


This is where we are at so far. We need to show others that we appreciate what they do for us and how they support us when we are in need. We need to be willing to pray for those who pray for us and be thankful for the people God has put in our lives. When we do that, we are blessed and as we give to others, we are blessed. They are also blessed through their giving and prayer. It is a give and take. Paul makes it clear that we will see the full results of our giving and prayer at the day of Christ. That is a day we should both look forward to and hope for in the days to come.


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