Acne Drives me Nuts

Growing up, I struggled with acne. I think most kids struggled with it but, for some reason, I struggled with it hardcore. I used to get made fun of for my condition that I couldn’t control.

I was told the reason I had acne was because I had too much chocolate and sugar growing up. I later found out that was a myth. I was also told that I don’t wash my face enough so I decided to wash my face three times a day. I figured if I kept my face cleaner, perhaps I wouldn’t have acne anymore. That wasn’t the case though. I had a cleaner face but the acne still decided to show up, especially when I wanted to impress a girl. This is not what I signed up for when I went through puberty.

I wish I would have gone back and researched why acne occurs when I was younger. Perhaps I would have kept it under control better had I known the important aspects about it.

Acne occurs when the natural oils of one’s skin is blocked by the growth of hair follicles. Since the follicles get in the way, the oil in the skin build up due to blockage and creates a pimple. Since there are many follicles in the face back and chest, acne often shows up all over the face, chest and back. Another important thing to remember is that some people’s bodies produce more oil than others. If this is the case, pimples can and are often found.
So what can we do to help our natural occurrence? There are a few things: (1) There are three vitamins you want to look for: Vitamin A, C, and E. These three vitamins are important for healthy skin. (2) Treat your face kindly: Don’t scrub your face until it turns red. Allow your face to dry naturally or pat your face gently with a soft towel. (3) Make a mask – one with oatmeal and water. Wear it two times a week. The oatmeal will help open the pours and unblock natural oil flow (yes guys – you can do it too and still be “normal.”) (4) Look for products that have the word “Biotin” or a variant of that word in it. Products with this in it help opening pours as well.

Acne has made dating harder for men throughout much of a teenager’s life. I am one of those teenagers who had to experience acne in my life. I am learning more about how to take care of that issue. Being informed is important. Knowing what things work and don’t work are important as well. Don’t just take any product – they don’t all work.


3 Responses to “Acne Drives me Nuts”

  1. R James Says:

    I too suffered from bad acne as a teen. I tried everything that i could get Oxy clean , microderm treatments, facial masks etc. I also was told too much sweets, not enough facioal cleansing caused it but like you said that was just a myth. Until i bought proactiv and used it in conjunction with facial masks after i used this combo i saw really good results.

  2. Jane Goody Says:

    This is very hot information. I think I’ll share it on Digg.

  3. kelzeafayh Says:

    i hate my acne i have seriously tried everything ill try the oat meal mask and cold showers wish me luck im sick of being a full out nerd

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