Obama’s Healthcare Plain

I have been struggling a lot with Obama’s plan for healthcare reform. It isn’t that I don’t think healthcare is an important issue here in the United States. With almost 50 million people without healthcare (including myself at this moment in my career), this is a very important issue that needs to be brought to the table. With the help of a few people who are knowledgeable in “healthcare jargon,” I am going to attempt to lie out what Obama would love to put in place within a year of being President of the United States.

Obama breaks his healthcare reform plan down into three parts saying that it builds “upon the strengths of the U.S. healthcare system.”

The three parts are:

1. Quality, Affordable & Portable Health Coverage For All
2. Modernizing The U.S. Health Care System To Lower Costs & Improve Quality
3. Promoting Prevention & Strengthening Public Health

Obama claims that his healthcare reform plan will save the typical family up to $2,500 every year through:

* Health information technology investment aimed at reducing unnecessary spending that results from preventable errors and inefficient paper billing systems.
* Improving prevention and management of chronic conditions.
* Increasing insurance industry competition and reducing underwriting costs and profits in order to reduce insurance overhead.
* Providing reinsurance for catastrophic coverage, which will reduce insurance premiums.
* Making health insurance universal which will reduce spending on uncompensated care.

I guess the big question – the questions a lot of people are asking is: “Is this even possible?” Can he really promote these ideas and have them work well? Would all the criticism he has received for his “outrageous claims” need to be retracted? I am not sure.

First and foremost, this is going to cost the United States a lot of money. We are talking Billions of dollars to institute a new reform for healthcare. In fact, one website I read quoted Obama saying this new reform of healthcare “will cost between $50 and $65 billion a year when fully phased in. He assumes that it will be paid from savings in the system and from discontinuing the Bush tax cuts for those making more than $250,000 per year.”

I have a different idea. Why don’t we invest more in paying off our national debt? Why don’t we attempt to do something very few countries – and individuals as well – those we, as the united States, are debt free to the world? I think investing in those matters would be more important than spending all of this money for something that might not actually work (please see the $700 billion dollars that we no longer have).

I guess I must be alone in this. I personally hope that Obama keeps his promises to the American people. I hope he maintains his “charismatic” youthfulness as Commander and Chief. Most importantly though, I hope people – even those who did not vote him in – will be hard-pressed on their needs to pray for him. He needs it – our country needs it.

So – back to the healthcare issue: Do you think it will work? Yes or no/why or why not?


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