How to Not Vote

I have been thinking a lot about the election that will start in almost six hours in Pennsylvania. I have been thinking about the potential candidates and their leadership abilities and their ability to lead this country for the next four years. I have been thinking about a lot of the issues both candidates stand for and what they are against. All of this to say: I have done my research for this election – more than I have done for any other election and feel as though I have a decent grasp on how I am going to vote tomorrow. Instead of telling you how I am going to vote, I have decided to share how I am not going to vote tomorrow. Here is my list of things that will not matter to me tomorrow when I poll my vote:

Both McCain’s and Obama’s age will not affect how I will vote. People have made a big deal about this on both ends. The LA Times writes, “Barack Obama and McCain are separated by the largest age difference of any two presidential candidates in history. If Obama is elected, he will be, at 47, among the youngest presidents in history; if McCain wins, he’ll be the oldest to win the office, at 72.” Being the President of the United States has never been an issue of age. Why should a 25-year gap between both candidates be an issue? How is that going to really affect either candidate from leading the US? I honestly think the arguments on both ends are a little ridiculous. The Republicans have chosen McCain and the Democrats have chosen Obama. If both parties are confident in their choices to represent their parties, then let’s move on already.

Another area that will not affect how I vote is color. I am not a racist nor am I prejudice. I have worshipped in churches that are predominately black several times over and have found black people to be more welcoming and friendly than many predominately white churches. Some of my closest friends from Bible College are black as well. I find it funny that people would still make a deal about the color of someone’s skin. I guess we – the United States – still have a lot of growing up to do in this area. On the other side of the coin though, my vote will not be swayed for history’s sake. Do I think it would be awesome that we would see a black President in the United States? I think that would be awesome. I think it is well overdue actually. When I turned 18, I wanted to vote for Allen Keys. I think of all the candidates I could have voted for, Allen displayed the ability to lead the United States well. Black or white should not be the reason someone is elected as the President of the United States – period.

Vice President choices will also not be the reason I vote one way or the other. Once again, there could be the tendency to vote for McCain because he has chosen a female running mate to be his Vice President. Obama has chosen a man. Some people really want to see diversity in the White House. Having a female as a V.P. would do just that. That is a wrong motive and reason though.

Donkeys or elephants don’t matter either. I really struggle place myself as a Democrat or a Republican. I think both candidates seem to fall into the same confusion. McCain will make a statement that seems more Democrat than Republican while Obama will make a statement that is more Republican than Democrat. Both sides make statements in which they promise a variety of  “to do’s.” Both sides pad their promises with statements that both candidates know will be impossible to make. I say all of this to say – donkeys or elephants – that is not my reason for the season of voting.

Finally, I will not be voting based off the commercials that are running continuously on TV. I honestly think the commercials hurt both candidates rather than help. In many of the commercials I have seen, both candidates seem prideful. They have no faults of their own. They never make mistakes. They are essentially mini-gods of sorts. Their opponents however “mean well” but are the worst choice for President. Both candidates find “dirt” on the other and exploit it on the airwaves. Both candidates twist words to make the other candidate look like a fool, unable to lead. How can we really watch these commercials and build a profile on either candidate? That’s ridiculous. It is foolish.

In conclusion, I am going to vote tomorrow for a candidate that I believe will lead this country well. After doing all of my research and going to God in a lot of prayer – in community with my church and individually – I feel confident in voting tomorrow. I have a lot of reasons for which I am going to vote for. I hope your vote will not be based on the above reasons. I hope your vote will be one that is done on solid research and a lot of prayer, meditation, consideration, conversation, and/or thought. Happy election day folks – vote well.


2 Responses to “How to Not Vote”

  1. John Grebe Says:

    Very good reflections on bad motives for casting your vote. This year was unique for me too as it was the first year that I really struggled with who to vote for.

  2. Dave Says:

    All very true… except that VP picks can be a very strong indicator of what kind of presidency a presidential hopeful is trying to create. In this election, I have actually enjoyed getting to know the VPs ideas better than the guy at the top of the ticket. But that might have something to do with the fact that McCain and Obama have been in the news for the past two years and I’m sick of both of them.

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