Chase Utley Dropped the Ball…

I am a Phillies fan – hardcore. I watched every game this past season and followed the glories and the pains of the season. When the Phillies won, I was so excited that I ran to the nearest Modell’s to grab some World Series, 2008 gear. When I got there, they were out of gear so I woke up at 4 AM and drove to Modell’s once again and waited till 5 AM for the store to open. Some people might think I am nuts. Perhaps I am – and the 800 other people who were in line with me.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to the parade on Friday. I had to work and therefore could only watch the parade on a 50” TV. I did my best to take time and watch the festivities while providing the best service to my customers. It’s hard being a server and wanting to watch a parade on TV. There was one thing though I heard and saw that disappointed me. Chase Utley is a guy that I have respected a lot as an important player for the Phillies. In fact, a lot of his plays made it possible for the Phillies to win the World Series. The pump fake to first and the throw to home was the climax of Utley’s season. I had a lot of respect for Chase – that was until he opened his mouth and said what he said to the fans of the Phillies.

Why am I a little pissed off about it? It is simple: Chase was given an opportunity to thank the fans that ultimately paid for the luxuries he enjoys as a baseball player. Over 3 million people this past year went to a Phillies game. All the gear that was bought, food that was consumed, and everything else the fans paid for went into his pocket in some way. And how does Chase Utley repay the fans for spending all their time and money for this past season? He decides to take one of the largest pedestals of sports and broadcast his foul mouth across the airwaves.

I am glad that I do not own any Chase Utley gear – honestly, I would probably sell it or burn it. For a guy who could have been a class act, in my eyes, he dropped the ball. It is a shame. Should Chase be reprimanded for his actions? Would it really matter? I doubt it. Should he have to apologize to the fans of Philadelphia for his words? Absolutely. I can’t help but wonder what the young fans think about Chase’s words. I think maybe Chase’s words will come back to haunt him later on. For now, all he can think about is Chase Utley. In short, it is just a shame that Chase Utley had to use foul language to express his “excitement” for winning the World Series.


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