What a Great Day!

Today was an awesome day. David Congdon preached, what I consider to be his clearest and academically sound sermon I have heard. David took a theme – the mystery of God – and gave it feet. With great analogies and examples, David produced a sermon that broke down the essentials of the Gospel. His ability to tie things together makes him a great teacher and expositor. I will definitely be listening to his sermon, which was recorded a second time.

Another aspect of today’s events that was nice includes our farewell brunch for Brian, Ginger, Cameron, and Lylia Ware. I have had the privilege of knowing Ginger for about two years, having classes with her and learning with her. She led a book study on Flannery O Connor and has challenged me in many ways. Though she and her family will be missed, it was a great time of fellowship, conversation, and stories.

When I parked my car this morning, two people who drove up in an R.V met me. They said hi, and I said hi and we entered the building. Being tired, I figured my conversation with them would end at that point. Sometimes I keep to myself and let the day take care of it. Today would be different though as I was introduced to Tim. Tim and his wife, Jenn are from Oregon. Four months ago, God told them to sell everything they had and go on a road trip that would include this far, a 7,000-mile journey. Being in Philadelphia a few days, Tim and Jenn had not made any contacts. Thinking that perhaps they were to go somewhere else, they prayed that God would show what to do. So they went online and found our church. They saw that we minister to the homeless on Monday nights so they came on Sunday to check things out. This is how I met Tim and Jenn. I truly find it amazing how God brings people to our small community in suburbia. It truly blows my mind. So – tomorrow – Tim and Jenn are going down to the city with us to hang out with the homeless. During the day, they are going to see the homeless in suburbia – right outside our back door. It is awesome how people have stepped up to help them out. Oh – and their R.V. runs off grease. With a 70 gallon tank, they can get about 1,000 miles on a full tank. That’s pretty cool. If you would like to read about their journey, check out their site here.

Coming home after a great day at church, I got to hang out with my nephew, Dylan. He is almost 11-months – old and loves to laugh. I truly love to make him smile, which usually isn’t hard. Oh – and he is a great Phillies fan!

Finally, I am thankful that Philadelphia has come through to win their sporting events. With the Eagles winning, the Flyers winning, and the Phillies winning, this is a great day for Philadelphia. The question is of coarse, “Can the Phillies do it tomorrow night?” I personally think they can. At least they are playing like they want to win. With Ryan Howard delivering some big time hits and Rollings hitting the ball well, I think Cole Hammels will lead this Phillies’ team to their second ever World Series since their franchise began 120 + years ago.

All of this to say – my day was a lot of fun. Spending time with family, friends and new friends, eating great food, watching great sports, and enjoying a great time in worship with my community, I am not sure there could have been a better day to enjoy today.


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