A Wedding Poem: Jathan and Becky

1 Corinthians 13 Advice

One night while trying to sleep, lying in my bed
I had some thoughts run through my head
So I thought before you went off and were wed
I share some thoughts I want to have said

Love is patient and love is kind
It’s a jewel so rare and hard to find
Yet its power’s too great to be left behind
Make sure this is first – at the front of your mind

Love does not envy or boast – nor is it arrogant or rude
What an important reminder for every mood
To always put forth your best attitude
So it will strengthen your marriage not come unglued

Love doesn’t insist on having its own way
It makes a choice to serve one another each and everyday
Lest we forget God is the potter and we are His clay
For God, for another, our life to lay

Love isn’t irritable or resentful- in wrongdoing it doesn’t rejoice
Love isn’t an obligation or a job –it is truly a choice
To be shared and agree upon in one’s heart, soul, mind, and voice
So make no mistake and choose to day for love to be your only choice

Last but not least love rejoices in truth
It’s something we learn when we’re in our youth
From the fairy at night now collects our tooth
To accepting a table when you wanted a booth

Love never fails
It’s our guide on life – the journey – the trails
Even when waiting on God – When He responds – right now or as slow as snails
I challenge you to fame it on your hearts – to hang it on display with some nails

For me, that’s all I can think of now
Without these thoughts I don’t know how
One’s marriage can work between a man and his gal
And be committed in actions and vow

After looking through all I have thought and said
My mind is at rest within my head
Yet I can’t contain myself while lying in bed
For soon it will come for you both to be wed

God bless to you both, from a brother and friend
This poem from my heart to you is penned
Be ready for battle, God’s love will defend
And my your marriage be built on God’s love – for His love will never end

August 23rd, 2008


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