What a Great Day!

Today was an awesome day. David Congdon preached, what I consider to be his clearest and academically sound sermon I have heard. David took a theme – the mystery of God – and gave it feet. With great analogies and examples, David produced a sermon that broke down the essentials of the Gospel. His ability to tie things together makes him a great teacher and expositor. I will definitely be listening to his sermon, which was recorded a second time.

Another aspect of today’s events that was nice includes our farewell brunch for Brian, Ginger, Cameron, and Lylia Ware. I have had the privilege of knowing Ginger for about two years, having classes with her and learning with her. She led a book study on Flannery O Connor and has challenged me in many ways. Though she and her family will be missed, it was a great time of fellowship, conversation, and stories.

When I parked my car this morning, two people who drove up in an R.V met me. They said hi, and I said hi and we entered the building. Being tired, I figured my conversation with them would end at that point. Sometimes I keep to myself and let the day take care of it. Today would be different though as I was introduced to Tim. Tim and his wife, Jenn are from Oregon. Four months ago, God told them to sell everything they had and go on a road trip that would include this far, a 7,000-mile journey. Being in Philadelphia a few days, Tim and Jenn had not made any contacts. Thinking that perhaps they were to go somewhere else, they prayed that God would show what to do. So they went online and found our church. They saw that we minister to the homeless on Monday nights so they came on Sunday to check things out. This is how I met Tim and Jenn. I truly find it amazing how God brings people to our small community in suburbia. It truly blows my mind. So – tomorrow – Tim and Jenn are going down to the city with us to hang out with the homeless. During the day, they are going to see the homeless in suburbia – right outside our back door. It is awesome how people have stepped up to help them out. Oh – and their R.V. runs off grease. With a 70 gallon tank, they can get about 1,000 miles on a full tank. That’s pretty cool. If you would like to read about their journey, check out their site here.

Coming home after a great day at church, I got to hang out with my nephew, Dylan. He is almost 11-months – old and loves to laugh. I truly love to make him smile, which usually isn’t hard. Oh – and he is a great Phillies fan!

Finally, I am thankful that Philadelphia has come through to win their sporting events. With the Eagles winning, the Flyers winning, and the Phillies winning, this is a great day for Philadelphia. The question is of coarse, “Can the Phillies do it tomorrow night?” I personally think they can. At least they are playing like they want to win. With Ryan Howard delivering some big time hits and Rollings hitting the ball well, I think Cole Hammels will lead this Phillies’ team to their second ever World Series since their franchise began 120 + years ago.

All of this to say – my day was a lot of fun. Spending time with family, friends and new friends, eating great food, watching great sports, and enjoying a great time in worship with my community, I am not sure there could have been a better day to enjoy today.


1 Peter 3:18

I am apart of a Bible study that is going through the book of 1 Peter. It has been enlightening at times and challenging as well. We have gotten to the halfway point of 1 Peter, chapter 3. There was one verse that really challenged me that I thought I would share with you all.

1 Peter 3:18 says, “For Christ also suffered once and for all for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he (Christ) might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive in the spirit.”

The first part of this verse bares some interesting remarks. “For Christ also suffered once and for all for sins.” First and foremost, we must recognize that there is, in fact, a “kai” in this passage. Since the “kai” is an adverb and not a conjunction, it must be translated as an “as” or an “also.” Some translators do not translate the “kai” but the significance of the “kai” here is important. Even though the “kai” is before the normative, it is usually translated after the nominative. In this case, we translate it as, “Christ also.”

Next we have this strange word that has been translated as “suffered” or “died” – depending on which translation you use. Which one is more correct? The term “epathen” refers to the following terms: “to suffer, endure, undergo; experience.” It is a classical Greek term that carries a connotation of “experiencing a sensation or an impression (usually a painful experience).” Why do some translators translate “epathen” as “died?” The main reason is due to what Christ has done for us – He died so that we can live. This is the significance of the passage. When we teach on this passage, we must include His death for us on the cross. We must also do the passage and the Peter some justice by translating the passage well. In this case, it would be more correct to say “suffered” rather than using “died.”

Finally, “once and for all” is one word that means… once and for all. It really means what it says. The term is called “apex.” It also carries the connotation that there is no need for anything else to match it or beat it. It is once and for all – period.

The righteous is Christ – the unrighteous is humanity.

The term, “he might bring us to God” reflects John’s righting. Christ said He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life and that no one comes to the Father but through Him.” Once again, we see how this is all played out through Christ. Only Christ can bring us to the Father and Christ’s suffering for us has made that way possible.

When Christ died in the flesh, we also died with Him in the flesh – symbolically. This understanding is a reference to the book of Romans. Paul says that, “We have died with Christ. And, if we have died with Christ, we will surely be resurrected with Him” (paraphrased). The mater here is that only Christ’s suffering could accomplish this end for us.

This is why I really enjoy this verse. There is a lot to dig out of one simple, yet extraordinary thought. What is most humbling is that Peter probably could fully comprehend what he was writing as he wrote it. He believed what he wrote and had faith that Christ is who He said He was. The sure magnitude of the verse though is truly amazing. Christ suffered once and for all for my sins – for your sins – so that I can be brought to the Father. Through Christ’s suffering, I have died and have been resurrected – a new creation – reborn. It was and is the only sacrifice that matters and it will never be repeated again. This is good news to be sure. And I hope that it encourages you to share it with others. I hope you will memorize this verse, not for the sake of being pious or prideful. But because it lives in you – That you and I will embrace the Gospel and ultimately show forth the Gospel in the flesh. God bless.

My Celebrity Political Cabinet Picks

I was at work today and looked up at the TV. The headline read, “Celebrity Cabinet.” Intrigued, I watched as they named some of the people on their list. Oprah, Leonardo DiCaprio and others were mentioned in a list of people who would be representing the United States in world matters. Taking my cue from Hollywood, I have decided to produce my own listing of cabinet members I would pick. I then state a few reasons why I would pick them for the job.

* Department of Agriculture: Emerald Lagasse – This man knows more about food and would really put a “bam” in food regulation laws and trade. He also knows how to cook any meal you can think of in at least five different ways.

* Department of the Interior: Christopher Lowell – or the “fabulous 5” from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – If you want someone working on your interior, Christopher Lowell has shown himself to far surpass many of his interior competitors. The “fabulous 5” have proven that they are on the cutting edge of style, poise and all-around style. With all the work the Department of the Interior does, why not split the responsibilities between five guys who are good at it?

* Department of Commerce: Oprah Winfrey – She has a lot of money and knows how to draw a crowd. She is never far from having an opinion and people love pretty much everything she says.

* Department of Justice: Bono – I honestly can’t think of anyone else who knows this area more than him. From his lyrics to his actions, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a picture of Bono in the dictionary next to justice. This position is made for him.

* Department of Defense: Chuck Norris – Chuck is one of those guys who you don’t mess with. Do you think Bin Ladin wants to mess with him – I think not!

* Department of Labor: Paula Deen – This is a hard working woman who has gone from next to nothing to a chief mogul. She stared making bagged lunches in her neighborhood and now is on daytime TV. She is an example of someone who works hard. If there were someone who makes this position look easy, it would be her.

* Department of Education: Jessica Simpson – I know what you are saying. Why on earth pick Jessica Simpson for this position? I have some great reasons: Despite always acting like a moron on TV, I have to believe that most of it, if not all of it, is acting. She is also the spokesman for that pimple cream. She exudes confidence that both men and women need to succeed in school, in the workplace, and in the social arena. Plus, if she really is that dumb, she can be the spokesman for getting an education, giving kids yet another reason to work hard and do good in school… I mean well.

* Department of State: Steve Colbert – I think Steve would represent us well in this area. His humor along with his honest assessment of the state of the US gives him an upper hand in this regard. If he can’t be President of the US, this is the position I would pick for him.

* Department of Energy: Donald Trump – He has built more buildings than anyone else I know. His buildings also produce more energy than any that I know. He is the richest bankrupt man in the world. Don’t let that fool you though. He knows how to spend money well. With his ability to spend money and use energy like he does, Trump, trumps anyone else for this position.

* Department of Transportation: Jerry Seinfeld – This guy has 30+ Porches. He can drive one car a day, a month!

* Department of Health and Human Services: Kevin Trudeau – This is the guy who writes the books about how to get healthy and lose weight. He has also written books on hair farming, producing a stronger memory and breaking addictions. He knows the inside tips doctors don’t want you to know about health. With his expanded knowledge, he fits the role well.

* Department of the Treasury: Bill Gates – Worth more than any other person in the world, we can trust Bill to keep the books in order. Billions or Trillions of dollars, Gates has seen it, touched it, and owns it. He is the kind of guy you would want to protect your financial assets.

* Department of Homeland Security: Sylvester Stallone – Playing roles as Rocky Balboa, Rambo, and the guy from “First Blood” give me full confidence that he kick some butt. Chuck Norris representing the Department of Defense + Sylvester Stallone representing the Department of Homeland Security = one heck of team.

* Department of Veterans Affairs: Jack Nicholson – With his role in A Few good Men, Jack knows how to wear a uniform well. No one would undermine Jack’s leadership in this area. I know it is hard, but I am sure you can handle the truth.

* Department of Housing and Urban Development: Ty Pennington – He has been the spokesman of Extreme Home Makeover for a long time now. He knows Sears and Home Depot better than most of us. He also is able to produce well over 100 workers, for one week of work. He, himself, is a hard worker always doing the “secret room” and has shown his attention to detail.

* The Vice President: Martha Stewart – Cause it’s time to get a women in the White House – Right Hillary?

* White House Chief of Staff: Arnold Schwarzenegger – This is one of the toughest jobs in the Executive branch. This person must work well under pressure while maintaining confidence in his role and his leadership. Arnold is the kind of guy who looked like a Greek god in his youth. If anyone can handle the kind of pressure for this job, I give it to him.

* Office of Management and Budget: Suzie Orman – She is a money kind of woman. She has aided in helping many people get out of debt and build a financial future. She can tell you when to spend, how to spend it, when to save it and how to save it. She is a kind of woman that will make sure that the books are done right and the budget is handled well.

* United States Trade Representative: David Beckham – I think David is one of those guys who is so multi-talented that people want to be around him. He has the looks, the style, the charisma, and the skills. With his role, playing soccer in the US, David, being a cultured man, would be a great pick as a trade representative.

* Environmental Protection Agency: Leonardo DiCaprio – There is no one as passionate in environmental everything than this guy. He drives a hybrid car and is a big contributor of “Go Green.” He is a true political mind within the acting world. I have no doubt he would serve this position well.

* Office of National Drug Control Policy: Snoop Dogg – With Snoop holding the reigns, marijuana will be legal, producing more jobs for illegal immigrants. With his popularity in the Hip-Hop arena and his activist mindset, Snoop will represent us well.

What do you think?

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A Letter to the Modern Church

I didn’t know you knew so much about what some people who call themselves Emergent believe. Usually when I talk to people, they have never read anything concerning the Emergent Church or Missional Theology. They are given, instead, 1 article that wrongly quotes someone about a serious issue – one like homosexuality and only goes on that one quote. I am glad that you have a basis for your thoughts.

You are right. There are a lot of great things about Missional Theology – Many in which I have embraced as a leader and a servant in the Church. My teacher states, “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” – John 20:21 all the time. God has put forth His mission from the foundation of the world and invites His creation to be apart of what He is already doing in the here and now for the not yet of the Bible. We are indeed all called to be missionaries to our communities embracing an epistemology of love and the announcement of the Gospel – Jesus is Lord.

As respects to your concerns, you have a lot to be concerned about. There are people who have taken a more liberal approach to Missional Theology and have used it as a platform for their own agendas and motives. Then again, it seems most denominations do that – not to mention political figures.

The people I have met in the Missional arena and the Emergent circles call the Bible “authoritative.” They believe the Bible is “inspired.” They would never water down the message of the Gospel nor would they give “sour milk” to new believers. It is truly unfortunate that some people have “ruined” what was meant for God’s glory to push their own beliefs and ideologies. As I am sure you know – most belief systems of denomination does that as well. Calvary Chapel as well has their own thoughts as they pertain to the Bible. If you agree with their thoughts – The Calvary Chapel Distinctive– you can be apart of that church and even eventually serve in different roles. If you do not however, there are other churches that will accept you based on their ideologies.

Christians today have a lot to answer to. There are Christians in the Congo that are murdering babies because these babies are sick. Babies by the hundreds are dying because a bunch of Christians “know” that they are demon possessed. How horrible is that?

Christians beat the crap out of a homeless person simply because they are homeless. They are above that person and feel as though they are entitled to let the homeless know they are not welcomed or loved by God. Come out on a Monday night to our homeless ministry and I will introduce you to a homeless guy who has been beaten up by a bunch of “Christians.” It has taken me a long time of talking and listening for this guy to trust me.

It amazes me how we can say God loves you yet in the same breath tear down those who so desperately need Christ. It should not be to our surprise then that the Church continually goes downhill. It should not surprise us that our churches are slowly getting smaller. If we want to make an impact on this world for God and the Gospel – the fullness of the Gospel – not the watered down stuff you are talking about – maybe we would do well to put our actions where our mouth is. Maybe if people saw how much we cared about others – the world that Jesus died for – maybe they would stop making crass comments about the Church and how hypocritical we are and see the love of Jesus through us. Maybe if we would be the body of Christ, perhaps others would so desperately desire to be apart of the body of Christ as well. Maybe if we stopped acting as though we are entitled to judge other people and love people with God’s humility, perhaps people would be willing to listen and accept the message of Jesus. Maybe if we would stop trying to bring people into our churches and instead went out to them to show we cared, perhaps the body of Christ would multiply and bear much fruit.

I am not saying that the emerging church is right in every area. I am not even saying that I could/would endorse any ministry that is “emergent.” There is not one modal of the Emergent. They are not doing everything wrong though. I don’t care if you don’t like Brain McLaren. You aren’t hurting my feelings and I am more than positive that you aren’t hurting his. He is one person. If you are going to base a new way of reaching people off one person and not the collective whole of diverse individuals who are sharing the Gospel and changing lives, then perhaps we are just going to have to agree to disagree.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater though. Those who are passionately seeking God’s face and doing something rather than just talking about it deserve more than that. For the sake of God and His mission, see what these churches are doing. Let’s stop being a bunch of people that just talk about doing something for His Kingdom – based on our own wants and desires. Rather let’s do something more – in fact – let’s do something. Let’s show that we are the living, breathing Gospel of Jesus. Like Elijah who was told to breathe on dry bones, let’s put flesh on the Gospel for once and actually show that we care. Perhaps then, the end will come and we will worship God in Spirit and Truth.

These are just my thoughts though. Feel free to respond.

– Timothy Miekley

Got I.D.? (2)

I heard a story that was given in a sermon about a little girl who was waiting for her newborn brother to be born. She was very excited. Being almost five, she knew she would have tremendous responsibilities as an older sister. Finally the day had come and the girl’s mother gave birth to a healthy, little boy. Excited, the little girl could hardly wait for brother to return home. When the family returned, the parents introduced the little girl to her new brother. She then asked a very odd question, “Would you mind if I spent some time with my brother alone?” The parents were not sure what to make of this but thought about it for a moment and allowed the little girl’s request. The parents had placed a baby monitor in the baby’s room so they could hear if they would be needed at any moment. When the baby was placed in the crib, the little girl waited for her parents to leave the room. As they did, the little girl shut the door. The parents ran to the monitor and listened on the other end. Within a few moments, they could hear the little girl’s footsteps getting louder as she seemed to get closer to the crib. They then heard the crib squeak a little as the little girl pressed her body against the mattress. The whole time up until this point, the little girl had said nothing. At once, the little girl spoke to her newborn brother. “Can you tell me about God? I’ve almost forgotten.”

As I have thought more about what it means to know oneself, I read this story and relate to the five-year-old child who so desperately wants to remember God. I think when we are born we are imprinted with a memory of God that is lost early on in life because we have not held on to it strong enough. I think perhaps the reason we struggle to understand ourselves is because we really don’t know God, as we should. If we really knew the Creator then I think it would be a lot easier to live as His creation.  Thus or lives are given to the work of learning who God is and learning who we are in Him. The journey of knowing oneself is tedious. It requires more than just reading the Bible for the sake of knowledge. It requires more than just praying for personal needs. It requires more than just going to Church and networking with other people. It requires more than dumping 20.00 in the offering plate when it goes by. It requires a complete surrender of personal life. It requires a true relational framework – knowing God – loving God.

Scot McKnight came to Biblical Theological Seminary this past Friday and gave, what I consider, one of the most compelling talks on a relational framework in our approach of knowing God and, in a very real way, knowing ourselves. Scot said, “A relational framework separates God and the Bible. The Bible is paper and God is a person.” I understand that. When I get a letter from someone I know well, the way in which I read the letter is completely different than a letter I receive from someone I don’t know. I will read them both but one will resonate with me in a greater way because I have a relationship with that person. It really makes sense.

I had someone write me after I had posted my first few thoughts on identity and asked, “Where do you go from here?” That is a hard question to ask. I don’t fully know where I ought to go and how I should move forward. What I do know is that one’s journey in knowing one’s identity is very important. If we do not know who we are, we are unable to truly be who we are made to be. We cannot pretend to be other people forever. There has to come a point in our lives when our “playtime” is over and we begin to live out the life God intended us to live. I am on that journey now.

Here are some ideas and thought I have in getting closer to knowing our identity:

Know God. When we have a strong relationship with God, and He knows us, we in turn know ourselves better.

Know your story. I think it is important to know one’s story. Without our story, we have no foundation or basis to grow and move on. It is therefore important to run through the events of our lives that are significant – write them down – and share it with people often. Try to maintain your story within a time frame of 10 minutes. One of the famous lines from the movie Dragnet is when Friday said, “Just the facts madam, just the facts.” I think we would be wise to state just the facts as well.

Know love. I think that is probably one of the most difficult aspects I am currently dealing with in my walk with God. I know that I am loved. I also believe that I love myself. There are times though where I have allowed sin to hold me back from receiving God’s love and His grace. I feel I am not worthy of it and put myself down. For you and I, maybe we need have a trusted friend say over and over again, “Friend, you are truly loved by God.” Maybe after the ninth or tenth time, we will actually hear the truth and it will set us free.

Finally, know hope: One of the most important things that help us along the way is hope. Since hope is the evidence of things that aren’t seen, we hope in God that, “He who began a good work in us will bring it to completion.” As God continues to work on you and I, we have hope that He will do what He says He will do. It thus gives us reason to stand and walk boldly – in confidence. We serve a mighty God who does not forget about us but always keeps us at the forefront of His mind. That is where our hope lies.

Know God
Know your story
Know love
Know hope

In all of these things we can know so much more. We can know joy, pain, sorrow, and many other emotions, which we could list. Through all of this, we know ourselves. We know our identity – both who we are and who we are in Christ. God truly has a great plan for our lives. It is that we would know Him, that He would know us, and that we would know ourselves. This is the journey of identity.

$700 Billion Bailouts, The DOW, and American Debt

The House passed a $700 billion-bailout package this past Friday. The bailout package came, as “their only hope to avoid a market meltdown.” We are told that it will “take time for the bailout to reach its greatest potential” and cannot be rushed. It could take a long, long time before that happens though.

Which brings me to the price of oil, which has dropped below $90.00 a barrel. http://www.oil-price.net says, “Although oil prices seem high today, they are kept artificially low because many oil-producing nations such as Saudi Arabia peg their currencies to the U.S. dollar. When the dollar is devaluated, these countries currencies and national economies are threatened by inflation and this is an incentive for them to let their currencies float and appreciate.” Countries like Kuwait have moved away from pegging their economy from the U.S., causing our oil prices to rise. As more countries follow suit, we should expect energy prices to rise. With prices rising, one would think US oil companies would be hurting as well. Not so says the New York Times. After a great deal of work and litigation, companies like Exxon and Texaco have agreed to pay millions of dollars back – almost 900 million dollars – back to the government due to “shifty business matters.” Before you feel bad for the big oil people, consider Clarence P. Cazalot – CEO/President/Director of Marathon Oil Corporation. His salary is $1,294,000.00 with a bonus of $3,864,000.00. With stock options and other “options,” his total compensation is $19,470,725.00. Yeah. I feel bad for him too…

Which brings me to the stock market since the bailout was passed this past Friday. The New York Times said, “At its worst point, the Dow was down more than 800 points, an intraday record. The stock market rallied during the final 90 minutes of the trading day, and the Dow finished down about 370 points at 9,955.50.” The Dow has not closed below 10,000.00 since 2004 and there seems to be no end to the potential drop of the Dow in the upcoming weeks.

Which brings me to our Banks. Banks like Commerce Bank and the 5th largest bank in the US, Wachovia. Wachovia Bank has been bought by Citigroup, which the New York Times states, “Federal regulators worked around the clock this weekend to orchestrate the sale, finally reaching an agreement at 4 a.m. on Monday morning. In the end, the government agreed to provide Citigroup with a financial guarantee on Wachovia’s most risky assets.” For $1.00 a share, or about $2.2 billion, Citigroup was given ownership. Commerce bank also has had its financial hardships. I guess Regis and Kelly couldn’t provide enough financial backing to keep Commerce from being sold as well. TD Bank Financial Group will be buying Commerce for a cool $8.5 billion. Don’t worry folks – the “Big C” will still remain outside of Commerce, I mean TD – Toronto-based TD Bank – a Canadian Bank. Commerce Chairman Dennis DiFlorio told Philadelphia Business Journal that owning Commerce Bank “opens the door to tremendous new growth opportunities. Combining T.D.’s broad array of sophisticated retail and commercial products with our unparalleled banking convenience is truly exciting.”

Which brings me back to the bailout package that was signed last Friday. In this bailout package, the FDIC of banks will rise to 250,000.00. Its previous 100,000.00 FDIC was raised in efforts of saving small businesses from filing chapter 11. This 250,000.00 FDIC will only remain at this level till December 2009.

Which brings me to one of the biggest issues that brought all of this on in the first place; Mortgage loans. Many reasons why banks have failed is because they have given out loans to well-meaning families who have attempted to “beat the system” and buy a house they could not afford in hopes of turning (flipping) the house in a year or two in order to make a return. For example, one family I heard about wanted to buy a $589,000.00 house but when their assets and financial abilities were thrown together, they could really only afford a house that was $340,000.00. Thinking only good thoughts about the housing markets, this family attempted to cut down on their spending and even live off credit cards if needed so that they could earn an increase on the value of their house. As the housing market started to fail, they didn’t consider the cost of what would happen and did not seek any advice about what they should do. When it was time to “sell the house,” their house was worth less then what they had bought it for. They began to panic and used their safety net of their credit cards to stay a float. When they had reached their credit card limits, they had no choice but to sell a house that was bought for $589,000.00 for $420,000.00. That’s $169,000.00-house depression and no one was more depressed than our couple that thought they could beat the system and buy a house they really could not afford. With high credit card balances and a loss of money, this family, like many others, is in a bad way.

Which brings me to another issue that seems to grow faster than the weeds in my backyard: Credit card debt. Don’t worry – I have some too. In fact, according MSN Money, “About 43 percent of Americans spend more than they earn each year and average households carry some $8,000.00 in credit card debt.” What is absolutely mind-boggling though is how much debt the U.S. Consumers owe. As a total, Americans carry more than $700 billion in revolving debt like bank credit cards and retail cards.

Which brings me back to that $700 billion bailout package that was signed last Friday. I have a few questions that we really need to ask ourselves as Americans: What has/does this $700 billion bailout deal really help or hurt? Will it really help our economy or have we just wasted another $700 billion? Why did banks like Wachovia really get bought out? Why do we always need to buy above our means? Why does it seem like the “American Dream” is a carrot hung on a string above our heads just out of reach? Why can’t we pay for things with the money we have rather than “hoping” we will have the money needed at the end of the month? Why aren’t the people who have faulted on their loans taking real responsibility for all of this? Why do we have to bail everyone else out because they screwed everyone else over and if I am that American family member, why did I buy that house when I knew I really couldn’t afford it? Has the DOW grown too fast for our own good? Was it inevitable that it would drop as it has?

These are some of my questions I have to ask myself and I hope you will ask yourselves. I have been apart of the problem – having credit card debt, though not as much as the average American – it is now time to be apart of the solution and pay off my credit card debt as fast as I am able and cut up the credit cards I have. This will ultimately raise my credit score and give me a better shot at buying a house one day that I can afford. I am not sure that the $700 billion bailout package will really help the American economy. I think people taking responsibility for their debts and learning how to save will. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

A Wedding Poem: Jathan and Becky

1 Corinthians 13 Advice

One night while trying to sleep, lying in my bed
I had some thoughts run through my head
So I thought before you went off and were wed
I share some thoughts I want to have said

Love is patient and love is kind
It’s a jewel so rare and hard to find
Yet its power’s too great to be left behind
Make sure this is first – at the front of your mind

Love does not envy or boast – nor is it arrogant or rude
What an important reminder for every mood
To always put forth your best attitude
So it will strengthen your marriage not come unglued

Love doesn’t insist on having its own way
It makes a choice to serve one another each and everyday
Lest we forget God is the potter and we are His clay
For God, for another, our life to lay

Love isn’t irritable or resentful- in wrongdoing it doesn’t rejoice
Love isn’t an obligation or a job –it is truly a choice
To be shared and agree upon in one’s heart, soul, mind, and voice
So make no mistake and choose to day for love to be your only choice

Last but not least love rejoices in truth
It’s something we learn when we’re in our youth
From the fairy at night now collects our tooth
To accepting a table when you wanted a booth

Love never fails
It’s our guide on life – the journey – the trails
Even when waiting on God – When He responds – right now or as slow as snails
I challenge you to fame it on your hearts – to hang it on display with some nails

For me, that’s all I can think of now
Without these thoughts I don’t know how
One’s marriage can work between a man and his gal
And be committed in actions and vow

After looking through all I have thought and said
My mind is at rest within my head
Yet I can’t contain myself while lying in bed
For soon it will come for you both to be wed

God bless to you both, from a brother and friend
This poem from my heart to you is penned
Be ready for battle, God’s love will defend
And my your marriage be built on God’s love – for His love will never end

August 23rd, 2008