Talking with God

Dear God,

Today I watched as kids from Your church ran around laughing and playing. I heard them singing songs; simple songs that gave You praise. As I sat and listened, I could only think of all the times I used to sing songs like that; when I used to sing songs that were so simple and true.

Make me a kid again Lord. Help me to have the child-like faith that You provide; that You give those who desperately want to believe that You are The Good Father who gives His children good things. I so desperately need to be a child again. I am so tired of trying to prove You to people who would rather argue things like predestination and other theological language we only seem to use in Christian circles. I want to believe You are my Father who loves me and has the best for me without questioning or pondering if You are who You say You are. I can’t pretend anymore to have all the answers because I don’t. I am so ignorant of who You are and need to know that I can be a child once again that crawls into Your arms and falls asleep in Your warm embrace. May this be a prayer that reaches Your ears like a child that repeatedly calls after his father’s attention. Help me to have a child-like faith again so that I can enter Your Kingdom with joy. I love You. I know You have the best intentions for me. So I give You this pray with my first step; with a child-like faith.

Your adopted child,

– Timothy


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