Camp-of-the-Woods 2008 (Day 2)

As I am writing this post, I am overlooking the lake. The sky is lit up with colors of orange, yellow and a little red in the middle. With the clouds in the sky, I really believe that, in some respects, this is the closest to heaven one could probably experience.

Today, Bryan Wilkerson continued his talk on our journey. I have to say that I was a little happier with today’s message because it was a lot deeper than yesterday’s message. He continued with the story of Abraham and his journey. We were left with Abraham building a place of worship to the Lord yesterday. Today, we see Abraham going down to Egypt because there was a famine in the land. Instead of trusting God’s ability to provide for he and his wife, Abraham took matters into his own hands. Throughout the book of Genesis, we see Abraham doing this often, and I think of how often I am prone to wonder from trusting God. This is the sad story of life that we experience all the time.

When Abraham gets to Egypt, he realizes he now has another problem: He is married to a beautiful girl and if Pharaoh found out that she was married, Pharaoh would kill Abraham and take Sarah into his harem. So he tells his half sister that she shouldn’t say that they are married but just brother and sister. This would allow Abraham to live and not worry about being killed by Pharaoh. Since Abraham lied with Sarah, they also received a lot of stuff. The only problem is that he never should have received that stuff. He received it by lying to Pharaoh. I think God has a sense of humor because in addition to gold and stock, they received male and female servants. Hagar was a servant that they received – which got them in even more trouble.

What is good about the story though is that Abraham finally went back to where he began and made a place of worship and sacrifice for God when he returned. For us, I think that is the key to understanding forgiveness. The word “repents” means to “turn around – do a 180.” Abraham did exactly that. Literally, Abraham went back to the beginning – the place he went off track with God and made a mends with Him. For me, I need to do that a lot more. I have so much to learn about God’s forgiveness. I think the first thing I could do is find that place of forgiveness once again. Though the message is simple, it is profound. I can only imagine what my life would be like if I would find that place of worship once again. For His sake, I hope I learn. God is so good.


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