Stories from the Homeless (30)

Last night we had a small group of people to go to the city. I am glad every once in a while when there is a smaller group. Usually that means we can all drive in one car and enjoy one another’s fellowship. Though, I also enjoy when we are a large group, being a smaller group every once in a while is nice.

For me, last night was a night of prayer and reflection on all that we have done over the past couple of months. I have seen crack users, marijuana users, and other issues throughout the city. Many of them have given us the opportunity to talk to them about life and faith. From the smells to the places we sat and talked, I can no longer call the mission to the homeless a mission but a lifestyle; a part of life that I live. I guess that is a good thing. I think it is interesting when we have new people come and join us. I think the conversation at the end of the day is most interesting. Sometimes, I wish I could live vicariously through their experience so that what they have experienced would be what I have experienced.

When I sat down to hand out a few sandwiches, Leroy, a guy I have gotten to know throughout the weeks showed up and we talked about life. I am glad he showed up. Looking at him, I noticed he had lost a lot of weight. After talking to him, he told me that he has cancer and has lost a lot of weight due to that reason. He is going for surgery at the end of August to remove it. I hope it goes well. I know I will be praying for him.

I don’t have much to write about this week because it was not much of a night. It was good though. I am glad I went and am saddened that I will not be there this upcoming Monday night. I am going to Camp-of-the-Woods so I will not be around to do the homeless ministry as well. I will be praying for everyone though.


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