Being Jesus: The Need for Clean Water

I have finished the book, “The Revolution” within the past couple of weeks. I won’t lie to you. What I have read in this book is difficult to read at times but I think has given me a great understanding of what we – the simple people with so much to offer but oftentimes don’t know how to help – can make an impact in little ways to a world that is hurting and in need of the love of Christ. With that, I thought I would take some time and highlight the chapters in this book. The title of these posts will be simple: Being Jesus. Today we will deal with the first issue in this book and discuss a few things that are important for us to understand and finally how we can do something – even it is something small like pray.

The first chapter blew me away. What bothers me the most is not necessarily the issue the book discusses rather what I was doing while I was reading it and it hit me like a ton of bricks. The issue is clean water.

So here I am, drinking bottled water I paid 1.75 for, while reading a chapter on clean water. I never realized what I was doing until I had gotten to the end of the chapter and the bottle of clean water that I had just bought was empty. Holding it in my hands, I wanted to throw up what I had just drunk in order to thank God for it. That often happens. In today’s wealthy society, we take a lot of things for granted – especially our water. In truth, many people around the world do not have a luxury of clean water to drink. I think I always knew that or something but I never realized just how big of an issue it is.

One author writes, “The growing multibillion-dollar bottled-water industry has flooded the supermarkets and convenience stores with more choices in clean water than ever before. We do not have to be satisfied with water from the tap. We don’t have to deal with high levels of iron, lead, fluoride, or chlorine. Our bodies stay properly hydrated, so our complexions are smooth and blemish-free; our skin is softer and our muscles have the kind of elasticity necessary to perform in an active environment. Our hair is stronger and healthier; our digestive systems function with regularity; even our brains function more efficiently, giving us an increased threshold for concentration. But water is not just a healthy choice; it is a fashionable one. Water is branded in ways to accommodate any kind of lifestyle. It is as unique to us as the music we download or the coffee beverages we order.”

While we drink our bottled-water, 20,000 funerals a day are happening around the world due to the lack of clean water. In this report, a little girl needs to use the restroom only to find that instead of needing to do what most of us do in a bathroom, she needs to push out warms that have gone through her body because the water that she has drunk is filled with amebas and other things that are not meant to be in drinking water. Here is the catch22 though: If she drinks the water, she suffers from warms and other sicknesses. If she doesn’t drink the water, she dies. Doesn’t sound like the best options – and no. I am not making light of this.

So what can we do? Well there are a few things we can do:

* Learn about the needs of people around the world with regards to clean water.

* Educate others in this area of need. The more we know, the more we can do. Knowledge is power. When a lot of people have it, we can do so much more.

* Pray for those who are in need of clean water. Ask for God’s mercy on them.

* Maybe instead of buying bottled-water for yourself, take that money you would have spent (even if it is only 1.75) and put it towards a group that helps countries receive clean drinking water. If you enjoy drinking bottled water, find groups that are giving some of the proceeds from their sales to those countries who are in need of clean drinking water. I know the bottling group “Ethos” gives .05 of every bottle sold in the U.S. and .10 of every bottle bought in Canada to a place that is in need of clean water. You can buy that water at any Starbucks.

* Thank God more often for the blessings we have that we oftentimes take for granted – even the water we have.

* Check out organizations that support clean drinking water and get on their mailing lists for information and ways in which you can pray more specifically.

* Find creative ways to fundraise for one of these groups. Allow all the proceeds to go towards that end.

* Go on a mission trip to a country that is in need of clean water and help dig a ditch for a well and lay some pipe. Take lots of pictures or take video and bring it back to your church or your friends and show them how important this issue is.

I am sure there are a lot of other ways you can think of. One thing I am going to do is look up what companies support these issues and buy bottled water from companies that some of the proceeds go towards clean water. I can’t get the picture of that little girl out of my head – the one who has the warms. We need to actively do something as the body of Christ – not as the US.

I am not saying we need to give up drinking bottled water all together. As I said, I am still going to drink it. I am going to find ways though to be more active in making sure that 20,000 people a day don’t die simply because there is not an adequate source of clean water for them to drink. I have to believe that makes God super angry. We are blessed to be a blessing. So let’s be a blessing. Let’s educate, pray, hope, believe, love, and give to those who are in need.


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