Doing Church: Three Days Later (Zambia Update)

Sunday, Todd spoke to our church. He had just gotten back from Zambia after being there for about two weeks. It is now Wednesday and I am still working through some of the things Todd talked about. I am just going to list a few things and give a brief statement or thought about each thing I have thought about. I hope I am not alone in these thoughts:

1 – We are so blessed in America: We have so much, use so much, waste so much, and yet somehow always seem to give so much of what we have. I think Maybe that is what makes America so unique. I am not sure how to process what we give and how we give but I guess we could always give more. That’s something I will have to come to grips with eventually.

2 – We really have way too much crap: Todd was talking about how much credit card debt we have right now in America and I have to be honest, it upsets me that I have some. I have taken some steps though in order to pay it off and not be apart of the statistic. What is more ridiculous is that the business for storage units is growing in phenomenal rates. So the stuff we can’t afford gets piled in our houses. We then can’t store it all so we are paying these storage places to store our crap that we can’t afford with the credit cards we can’t pay off. So, if I get this straight, we are paying a monthly fee, for way too much stuff, that we can’t own, with credit cards we can’t pay off. That sure makes sense doesn’t it? I think we all need to take a moment and go through the stuff we have and ask ourselves if we really need all that we have. When we come to the conclusion that we don’t, we should give it away or sell it to pay off our credit card debt.

3 – Children in Zambia cannot attend school unless they have a uniform and shoes: This one bothered me the most. Why can’t a child who could quite possibly be the next teacher, doctor, lawyer, or diplomat go to school? When the Europeans brought the Gospel message to Zambia, they also brought their way of life and instituted it in their culture. So, since they wear a uniform and shoes to school in Europe, so much Zambian kids. The only problem is, there is no money to buy the clothes – thus, they can’t go to school. Since they can’t go to school, they have no education. If they have no education, they can’t get a job. Since they don’t have a job, there is no money. The cycle continues while the people of Zambia struggle. What the heck?

4 – Confession is a big deal: I don’t like confession. In fact, I wish confession were taboo or something. The simple truth is that confession aids in humanity (especially Christians who should be leading the way) being normal, showing we have faults and cannot do this whole living thing alone. That is the best thing about confession. The hardest is confession. It is a catch 22. For now, all I will say is that I need to embark on having a more confessional lifestyle, especially if I believe God has called me into the ministry.

These are the four areas that I am challenged in right now. These are the four areas that present to me a problem of wanting to be apart of the American dream, which seems more like an American nightmare. For whatever its worth, it just goes to show that we have a lot of work to do. Thinking back to Todd’s message, he said that they commissioned him to go back to American and led well. That sounds odd to you and I but for them, they understand our problem. We need to also. I hope we can finish this race well, to the glory of God. Amen.


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