Stories from the Homeless (26)

One thing I have come to realize is that those who are homeless have this thing about being prideful that is very hard to break. I keep going back to last week when I attempted to hand out fresh bread to anyone who would like it. Each time I attempted to do so, they would simply make some kind of remark about how they were not birds. I had to come to grips that perhaps they were not in need of food enough to want the bread that I had for them to enjoy. That happens sometimes I guess.

Last night, we split up into groups and walked around the city. I like it that way much more. We don’t look like a large crowd attempting to change people or something. We are a normal group of people who are walking around, talking to those who have made their beds on the streets. I am honestly not sure I can help you understand what I saw last night because I am still processing it all in my head.

When we walked past the Free Library, there was another grassy area in which several homeless people were making their beds for the night. Some just spread blankets out on the grass, took off their shoes, ate whatever food they had found earlier that day, and then laid their head down to sleep. Meanwhile, all around them, the city was still in full swing. Luckily for tonight (for them), it wasn’t supposed to rain. There was no need to find a wealth of shelter to keep them dry throughout the night. As we approached some city building, along the whole wall, there were homeless “make shift shelters” made for those who would sleep there for the night. One guy spent a good amount of time making his. Several bags of trash bags, which were filled, lined the wall. Then several cardboard boxes were put on top of the trash bags in order to make a roof. Finally, duct tape was placed on the cardboard and the trash bags to keep it all together. When I asked a guy named “Black” if anyone was in there, he just looked over and say yes. It was then that I decided that I would take a moment to walk along the make shift homes for myself and get a better look. The smell was so wild I can’t even explain it. I cannot understand how anyone could live in that filth.

I got to hand out two Bibles tonight. One to a guy who asked for it and one to a guy I offered it to. I am glad they took them. I hope they will not take it and roll joints with it or something. There is a lot of good stuff in that book.

We then saw Aaron. He told us about his life and how he has all of these issues going on with his head. I told him he should cut it and then maybe it would be all right but he didn’t think that would help. If you go to a couple posts earlier, you can actually see pictures of Aaron’s hair. He has not cut it in 13 ½ years. He has a lot of issues with his head. I hope you will keep him in prayer even though he could probably have it fixed if he was able to shave it off. He shared what it was like to get kicked out of churches and basically have no friends. Something I personally never experienced in my life, for which I am glad.

This might be a shorter post than normal but I am pondering a lot of things. I can’t get the images of the filth out of my mind. I don’t understand how someone can deal with that. I have been thinking about “Black” and his friend. All of what we have been doing this past year has been significant to my walk with God. The more I do it, the more I realize how absolutely blessed we are. That is the amazing thing about our trips. I truly am 100 percent blessed.


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