Placing the Blame on Everyone else but Themselves

Apparently Janet Jackson’s wardrobe is not the only thing that malfunctions. 17 teenagers from the same school, has decided to make a pregnancy pact and get pregnant. And, when the normal response to this issue should focus on these teens and their decision to do the horizontal limbo with their sexual partners – one being a 24-year-old homeless guy, the shift has been diverted to several others – the first being Jamie Lynn Spears. That’s right folks; instead of blaming the girls who willingly allowed sleazy men to impregnate a half dozen underage women, we should rather blame “I’m not that innocent” Brittany Spears’ sister for giving up her virginity. I guess when the cost of diapers, baby formula, doctor’s visits, and other necessities become too much, they can just call up Jamie Spears and ask for money. I am sure she will understand and provide all of their needs. That must be a relief.

Though, when that option loses its appeal, we can blame movies like “Juno.” That acting looks real anyways. I am sure that movie actually portrays what it is really like to go through the process of pregnancy. Then again, the movie was actually… A movie.  Once again, it seems as though we must find someone or something new to blame a bunch of girls getting pregnant. As long as we take the blame off them, we can go on thinking that these “adorable teens” were brainwashed by society and the media. In their right minds, there is no way that several teens in Massachusetts would want to experience the highs and lows of having a baby grow inside of them.

I am sure their parents had no idea of their decisions. I know we can’t blame the parents, who are their legal guardians. That would mean that we assume their inability to raise their own children. It makes them look like bad parents. Maybe some of the girls came from broken homes or a great divorce that tore apart the family foundation. We can blame it on that.

Or if we want to look at another angle, we can blame it on statistics. “729,000 teen girls got pregnant last year, resulting in 435,000 babies” – one news reporter stated. Supposing those stats were not made up, that means that 294,000 pregnancies ended early (due to either a miscarriage or abortion). Maybe the teens were statistical nerds and wanted to join the “teen bump club” or something. That’s another option.

Then again, maybe we can blame it on the pressures of school and being popular. One of the news reports states that, “Many of the mothers-to-be are “girls who lack self-esteem and have a lack of love in their life.”” I am not a girl (if you knew that or not, now you do). What I do know is that there is a lot of pressure in school to be the best. Sports, education, and having the best looking boyfriend and the coolest friends make up most of our Jr. High and Sr. High school life. I remember I was not apart of the “cool club” at school. I wore the wrong clothes, said the wrong “cool” words, and really didn’t fit in. Maybe if I would have found a couple of girls at school who felt the same way, I could have gotten them pregnant. Then I would have “stuck it to the man” and would have went on to get a job, working long hours, never going to college, because I got some girl pregnant.

I know. We can blame it on global warming. You know, the weather is getting warmer than ever. Like dogs going into heat, I guess these girls just got really horny and before they knew it, their clothes were off and they were pregnant – all 17. Maybe it is something in the water. They should really get those water filters examined by a professional.

No. That doesn’t seem to work either. When we examine all the options, we come back to square one: 17 girls, all 16 and under are pregnant because they made a decision – a pact – to remove their clothes, have sex and get pregnant. In fact, the school’s principle stated to Tim magazine that, “Some girls seemed more upset when they weren’t pregnant than when they were.” Some of the girls, one news report states, gave each other high fives when they found out they were pregnant and proceeded to plan their baby showers.

And let’s not forget about our sexually driven teen boys (at least the majority of them). According to the Massachusetts law, it is a crime to have sex with anyone under the age of 16. These guys who would have never expected the consequences of their actions to be as severe as they are, are about to have their lives changed forever. I guess they are going to have to get jobs and forget about the Sr. prom. By this time – in 9 months or so – they will be the proud fathers of new baby boys or girls. Maybe they will get to hold their babies through the bars of jail, as the Mayor of Gloucester city suggested – statutory rape is no joking matter here in the US you know.
The saddest part of all of this, next to a bunch of teen girls losing their virginity to a one-night stand, is the responsibility placed on the parents of these girls. Since these girls most likely do not have jobs that can support a new baby, their parents will be called upon to help out. Their 401k’s will be accessed and their savings will be destroyed because of their new obligation to their grandchildren.

I don’t want it to seem like I am not empathic to this situation – I am. I am sorry that these girls felt that the only way they could experience true love is to have sex with guys from gym class or a homeless guy. I am sorry that this county is not doing well and that has caused the school system to pull back on a variety of health classes and sex education. I am sorry that these guys will lose their freedom to do what they want to do. And, I am sorry that these children have to be born this way. Be that as it may, let us not blame Juno or the Spears’ family for the actions of 17 girls who made a decision to have sex. That is something they will have to deal with for the rest of their lives. In a real seriousness, I am praying for these girls. I hope you will pray for them as well.


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