Fighting for Justice: People in Wheelchairs

I have waited a couple of days to write this post. The reason being that I was so mad, I needed to make sure that I would write something that was God honoring and not rude and out of the wrong type of anger. For those of you who have been in this position, I am so deeply sorry, I don’t even know where to begin. Here is the issue:

My sister is in a wheelchair. And, though she cannot walk with any kind of balance, she is a very smart woman who loves the same kind of things you and I love. She is not mentally a 31-year-old woman but is not dumb or stupid. She is very active with writing, doing business work for my father and other things in which most people just assume she cannot do because she is in a wheelchair. The other day, her wheelchair (an electric wheelchair that costs more than my car – about 30,000.00) was not working. My mom had taken her to the doctor’s office to get a check-up and all and the wheelchair had just stopped. Frustrated and concerned, mom called the place in which we received the wheelchair so that someone could come out to look at it (being that my mom had no electronic knowledge of this nature). The man who answered the phone was ridiculously rude to her, telling my mother that it was her fault the wheelchair did not work. He was almost at a point where he began to raise his voice to her and tell her that he was going to send someone out to fix it but this would be the last time he was going to do it because we messed it up. The more I sat there and listened to this, the angrier I got. I wanted to go down to this guy’s office, bust down the door, and break his nose or something (real Christian like).

A guy did eventually come out though (it took almost 2 hours). After doing a few things (not only giving my sister two new batteries because the other ones were shot but adjusting a lot of other stuff), my mom made a comment that really had me thinking these past couple of days. She said, “What do people do who do not have an advocate to help them out?”

I didn’t know how to answer her. There must be hundreds of people in wheelchairs in the US alone – maybe several thousands. How do they deal with things like this? How many guys are out there like this guy who treated my mom with such rudeness and disrespect, treating other people the same way? Who is accountable to these people who talk this way? How do people in this situation have a voice if there is no one on their side to help them out? Do they simply sit in the corner of their rooms and never come out for fear that something will happen? I don’t know all the answers to this. What I do know though is that I was not a happy camper when this man treated my mom this way – and my sister. My mom had done nothing wrong.

There is a lot of injustice in this world and I believe a lot of it hinges around those who are unable to walk or stand up for themselves (no pun intended) for themselves. I am not trying to save the world. I know that my one voice can only do so much. But what should we do about scumbags like this guy who treats people like this? My mom has told me that this is not her first encounter with this guy but her third. Each time, this guy has been ridiculously rude to her. She has told a management person but nothing seems to have changed. What do you suggest? Any thoughts?


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