Doing Church: Acts 14: 8-22

This Sunday, Gary taught on Acts 14:8-22.  In this story Paul heals a man and all the sudden people want to worship him. There are some who thought that he was a god along with Barnabas, his second-hand man. I don’t know what that would be like – to have people worship me. I think in today’s society, it would be hard not to take in the personal worship of other people. The more I think about it, each individual wants to be worshipped in some fashion. We are eager for others to worship us.

What is even funnier is that Paul and Barnabas went to this town to tell the people that they shouldn’t be worshipping the gods they worship. When Paul does that, they take Paul outside of the city and stone him until he is left for dead. One minute they are ready to worship Paul and the next they want to kill him. It almost seems like the Eagles fans. If the Eagles were to make a great play, the fans show their approval by cheering. If they mess up though, they are ready to throw beer bottles and batteries at them. They are extremely fickle.

When Paul was left for dead, it is believed that Paul went to the third heaven and saw the things of heaven in which no man could utter. I wonder what that would have been like. As Paul gets up and heals, he returns back to the town in which stoned him and continued to preach the Gospel once again. What I need to remember is that the Gospel extends beyond the pain and suffering we experience on a daily basis. The Gospel is a tough message for people to hear. That is important to constantly consider.

In conclusion, I am glad that we are going through Acts in our church. This is the third time in which I have gone through the book of Acts. Each time I study it, God shows me more about myself.  I am excited for our next service. God is so good. God bless.


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