Doing Church: Acts 12

Being in church this Sunday, I looked around and saw so many new faces.  It seems as though our church is growing both in people an in spiritual eagerness.  That is something to be really excited about.  Today Gary shared from Acts 12.  It is a short story but it has a lot of significance that is worth sharing about.  Here, we find Peter is imprisoned and an Angel came to him and set him free and helped him walk right out of prison.  What is funny is the reaction of the servant girl who worked at the house – she ran away and left Peter at the door when she realized he was there.

You know – prayer is a funny thing at times.  Sometimes, we can pray and God will answer our prayer right away.  Other times, it takes a lot longer.  No matter what the circumstance though, God answers prayers.  He is always there to listen.  I don’t think we allow that part of our lives to be as powerful as it should.  Prayer lifts our hearts to God and God holds our hearts in His hands and loves on us as we desperately come to him with a fervent and determined attitude and need.

I believe the one thing I received this Sunday that I need to continually think about is why we pray.  We do not pray to God in order to tell God our needs – He knows our needs even before we could ask Him.  I believe the purpose of prayer is more for us – to build our faith – and to believe that God will move in a powerful way.  In the end, we will know it is God and praise Him.   Amen.


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