I have to think already?

Yesterday, I began my classes for the third term of the year at Biblical.  I am lucky to only be taking two classes this time around rather than three, which is very hard to do.  The class I am taking is “The Story of Jesus” – an appropriate class to take after taking two semesters of Greek.  It is my hope that I will be able to incorporate my knowledge of Greek into this class.   Near the end of the class, we were faced with a thought that I thought I would share with you all.  It is the idea concerning the mission of Jesus.

Here is the question we were asked:  What is Jesus’ Ministry?  Sounds simple right?  Here the options we were given to choose from:  (1) Bring the Kingdom of God to earth, (2) Save sinners, (3) Build the Church, (4) Transform culture, (5) Institute a new ethic, (6) Redeem/restore creation (7) Other…

After spending a day outside of class thinking about these thoughts even more, I have come to the conclusion that Jesus did not come for any “one” reason in and of itself.  We cannot forget the story of the Bible as it pertains to the life of Jesus.  Jesus came to dwell among creation and mankind.  From the beginning of time, God’s desire was to dwell among His creation.  Throughout the whole Bible, we can see that playing out.  It really is this story that plays itself out throughout history and Jesus is a very important key to that special community.

In Matthew 28, Jesus says, “and Behold, I will be with you, even to the very end of the age.”  I will be with you – Emmanuel – Jesus (God) with us.  Do we even get it?  Without that desire of wanting to be with us, we have no hope in a future.  If God decided that He was bored with His creation, we would be in a heap of trouble.  In fact, we would not be here today if God ever did not want to be with His creation because ultimately, God does not need us.

Do I struggle with any of these ideas presented to me in the class?  Yes – Build the Church I would say is the one that I struggle with probably the most.  The reason I say that is because it was not Jesus who built the Church but the Holy Spirit whom Jesus gave to the disciples to lead them in all truth after Jesus left them to sit at the right hand of the Father.  The problem remains no matter how one slice these idea it is still incomplete.  I believe if we take only one key of this list and make it God’s goal or reason for coming to earth, then we are missing out on so much more of whom God is.  God came to earth because God is God.  We cannot understand His ways or His thoughts.  We only have clues through the Word of God to lead us to understand that from the very beginning God created a mission and Jesus is a very important part of that mission.

The part that somewhat concerns me though is that we have not resolved this issue.  We are scattered through out each denomination and Church sect as to why Jesus came.  Doesn’t anyone think that perhaps we should figure that out soon in order that we can come alongside of God and being about Jesus’ work and mission?  I think so.  I think it is ridiculously important for us to figure out and soon.  Without this understanding, we are crippled in our day-to-day life as the church.

Needless to say, I am already being challenged in this class to think intelligently about spiritual things.  Here begins a new term for my walk and me with God.  I wonder if perhaps we will figure out this very important component through this class.  It is a goal to shoot for anyway.


2 Responses to “I have to think already?”

  1. wisconsinway Says:

    Sounds like you have been thinking deeply again Tim.
    Sounds about right! I know it is very important for us to try and fathom God’s Ways, but we will never totally grasp all of what God’s desire for coming to earth was. So, I really like what you said about not knowing God’s Ways, and to start running alongside of God in order to find that out more! It is very important! I will have to think more on these questions and see what kind of conclusion I come to.
    Well, since I just got engaged I might be a little partial, but….actually for me, I think Jesus’ purpose was actually very simple…to Love!

  2. timiekley Says:

    Jathan, I think you are right – about God’s purpose and plan – being to love. Even in that though, I struggle to think that God’s sole purpose can be confined into a short statement or pithy saying. I totally believe God is love but He is so much more than that. I think we try to compact God into something we can grasp – and i don’t think we can. His purpose is so much greater and extensive than my purpose is ( even in respects to love. How do we encompass a God that cannot be encompassed? How do we understand a God who has told us He can not be understood? That is what I worry about the most. Maybe not worry, but I wonder a lot about that…

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