God Cannot be Mastered

So, I have been thinking a lot lately about how much we try to rationalize God or even put God in a box. I find it to be quite amazing how much we say we should never do such a thing but end up doing it anyway. Why is it so easy to try and rationalize God? In some respects, we could say society aids in rationalizing God but I think perhaps we need to go much deeper than that. I do not think the answer of society is wrong, just incomplete.

When I was in Mathematics class growing up, I remember learning fractions. Simple problems like 14/21 would be reduced to 2/3. The math of these fractions would become a lot more complicated though. The amount of numbers would increase and oftentimes, the fractions did not “fractionalize” as well as I would have liked. The whole basic importance of the problems though was to simplify and reduce the fractions into easy numbers that could not be reduced again without going into decimals or something. Though I was good at that type of math, I think perhaps we treat God in that fashion.

Our problem is that we treat God as a problem we need to answer and reduce in order that we can simplify Him (but Him into a box). When we believe we have come up with the answer, we show it off and pat ourselves on the back. I don’t think God was ever intended to be a problem though or to be seen as one anyway. Call God a mystery or a complex entity if you would like but God is not the problem nor should He be seen as one – we are the problem.

If and when it ever comes to the point where I believe I have figured out God or have made it possible to reduce God into a single equation or formula, I would have positioned myself in the place of God. That is a scary and most unreal venture. Still, God wants us to get to know Him. He calls on us to study and know His Word and His ways. He desires to be in relationship with us despite our pathetic attempts at love Him and loving others as He has called us to do. Oftentimes, I just sit and shake my head, wondering why God would ever want to know me and dwell with me as my Father. I don’t know why Jesus would ever want to die on my behalf. I don’t know why the Spirit of God finds joy in indwelling me and taking up residence in myself. Despite anything and everything that makes sense, God is God. He is not a problem though. He is not a math problem we are called to solve. He is so much further beyond that.

Therefore, I hope you will put down your pencils and pens. I hope that you will give your mind a rest. I hope that perhaps, even for a moment, you will allow yourself to be dumb and non-intelligent. God is not a God to be mastered but to be known through a sincere and honest relationship. For eternity, God will continue to reveal Himself to us, even when we are perfected in the age to come. What then should we do? Read His Word, pray, living in community with other believers, serve the poor, give generously, love our neighbors as we would ourselves, obey God, and above all else, allow God to be God. Learn to enjoy who God is and what God has done for you. Step trying to master God and allow God to be the Master of your life. The end result is so much sweeter.


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