The Big Give: Todd and Melanie Hiestand

On Sunday nights, my family and I have been watching “The Big Give.” People are given different sums of money to give to those who are in need of different types of blessings. Each show has convinced me more and more that there are those out there who want to give and oftentimes don’t simply because they are not sure how to give or even what the needs in their community are. The more I thought about this show and what they do, the more I have been personally challenged with a “Big Give” of my own.

I have been challenged to figure out how I can aid in meeting a need for a very special family in my church community. This family truly gives of themselves in almost every way possible. They are the Hiestand family and they have a very unique story:

For the past year and a half or so, Todd and his wife, Melanie had been pursuing a formal adoption of a young child from Guatemala. The long process for this family has taken them on a rollercoaster of emotions of every kind you could think of. The greatest praise to report is that they have brought this young child home from Guatemala to be their son. Mason Carlos Hiestand has brought an unspeakable joy to our church community with his arrival and his beautiful smile.

With such a great praise, there is also a great prayer request. Adoption is not cheap. In the case of the adopting of Masion from Guatemala the cost is no different. The adoption process has cost 25,000.00. By God’s grace, many families and individuals who have heard their story have given generously to their need but there is still a great amount of this financial burden to be paid – 13,000.00 to be exact. Todd and Melanie believe that God is their provider and believe that God is going to help them financially in paying this debt off. Still, the need exists for them to pay it off. In doing so, a large weight of worry and stress will fall from their shoulders and they will be able to move on as a family in serving God and others. As I have already said, this has become a great challenge to me, as I have personally befriended this family and have come to know and love them as brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Todd and Melanie have not asked for a “financial blessing” from our church. You see, Todd is our lead pastor and does not want to place any form of burden on our congregation. In talking with Todd, he said that if there were those who wanted to figure out ways to help meet this need, he and his wife would accept our generosity and support but he did not want it to come from the pulpit – I completely respect that.

With that, I am asking for your help in a couple of ways:

1. Pray for the Hiestand Family: Todd, Melanie, Cole, and Mason. That God would continue to bring them closer together as a family bonded by the love of God.

2. I am asking for those of you who read this site to provide unique ideas in ways we as a community of believers can help in supporting Todd and Melanie with this financial need.

3. Finally, please pray about supporting Todd and Melanie in their efforts to dissolve their adoption debt. Every little bit helps. Any gift large or small, is a blessing and will be greatly appreciated.  If you are interested in giving to this need, please let me know through email in how I can contact you personally.  Thank you in advance for your generous support!

Thank you so much for your prayers. Thank you for your heart. Thank you for your support. God bless you all as you continue to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is truly worthy of all our praise. Amen.


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