Doing Church: Acts 10

I have not written in a week.  Every once in a while, I think it is important to not do something (fast from something) and so I decided to take some time off from writing.  I am back though.  God has been showing me some things in His Word that I am excited to share with you all.  In the next two weeks, I will be sharing these thoughts.  Today though, I will write on our service at The Well like normal.

This is a familiar passage most of us have read again and again.  It is the story of a Jewish man who is called to share the good news to the Gentiles.  This might not seem like a big deal to you or I but to a Jewish person, this was a ridiculous request and calling.  A Jewish person would have never talked to a Gentile.  They were scum and were not apart of the culture.  They were to be separate from everyone.  God gave this man a vision though – he was to preach the good news to these Gentile people.

So – when three men came to invite Peter to go, he went with them to a tanner’s house and began to share the good news.  While he was still speaking (which seems to happen a lot), the Holy Spirit falls upon the people in the house and they all begin speaking in tongues.  This was not what Peter was expecting to see.

What was Peter to do?  The Holy Spirit had fallen – could he prevent them from being baptized now that the Holy Spirit had fallen?  No.  So Peter baptized the Gentile people.

What does this mean for everyone concerned?  It means the Gospel has been opened more.  It means there is and should never be a division among the people concerning the Gospel of Jesus again.  It means that anyone is able to receive the truth of God’s Word.  This is a great promise we call can enjoy – Jew and Gentile alike.  There is no distinction.  This is the beautiful picture of the Gospel we can share in together.  How awesome is that?


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