Doing Chuch: Acts 9

This Sunday, Vince C. preached on Acts 9.  This is also known as Paul’s conversion.  What I have come to like about Vince (among many things) is his simple thoughts on something that is most likely known by the majority of people who has read the Bible for any length of time.  I think that is one thing I honestly miss.  Before I got a degree in Bible and continued my education for a Masters in biblical studies, I read the Bible simply to read it and learn the stories of the Bible.  I did not worry about parsing the Greek or understanding the theological implications, which led to a whole other set of rules, and thoughts that went along with it.  I just simply read the Bible because I saw it as a book of stories with Jesus as the winner in the end.  Though Vince, himself is a Bible School graduate, he has not allowed the Scriptures to become something more than they should be – namely, a story of a Great God who desires to be in relationship with His people and His creation.  This is the main thrust of the story.

The story of the Conversion of Paul is a simple story.  Paul was blinded after seeing the light of God.  The people with Paul were frightened.  After three days, Paul received his sight and at once began to preach that Jesus was Lord.  Many people, I am sure, thought that perhaps it was a trick and attempted to harm Paul.  So, the Apostles lowered Paul in a basket and preserved his life so that he could go to Tarsus and meditate on the Word of God for a little.

What interests me is that both Moses and Paul had the same experience.  Both almost lost their life, both were put into a basket so that they would be kept out of harm’s way, and both were radically transformed to do some amazing works for God.  Though the context of the stories is a little different, it is interesting to note that they both bare these similarities.

I love the story of Acts 9.  It is a great story that we all need to read over again with fresh eyes and a simple heart.


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