Doing Church: Resurrection Day

Today is Resurrection Sunday.  This is the day in which we recognize the beautiful hope in Christ.  I know there are many people who have written already on the story of the Resurrection of Christ so I will not state anything anyone has already heard.  I am just happy that we get to recognize the blessed hope resurrect from the grave and live once again

I personally do not know what I would be doing if it weren’t for Christ.  I don’t say that in a prideful or cynical manner.  Not that long ago, I went to a party where a lot of people I had graduated with ended up drunk and messed up.  Some of them, who I used to hang out with all time, were now just skimming by life.  I don’t want to just skim through life.  I want to do something greater than that because I know the kind of potential I have.  I think if it weren’t for Christ making such an impact on my life, I would be in a place I would rather not think about.  For me, I know that means that I need to spend a little more time thinking about how much Christ has blessed me.  I have no doubt that it is because of His death and resurrection means something significant to each person in a unique way.  Each person has their own story of how Christ has turned their life upside down.  I can only share my own story.  I hope this Resurrection Day; you will share your own with those whom you love.  It is a story we all need to share.


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