Learning to Love All Over Again

I have found myself learning to love once again.  There is no one in particular in my life in which this love exists for.  It is an amazing love I have found in Jesus Christ.  True love exists partially because we are made to love one another.  The other part of love exists because God is love.  There truly is no greater love than knowing the love of Jesus Christ.  It is this love that fills the hearts of others so that we can love.  It is this love I am learning again.

How do we learn to love?  Some would say that it is impossible to learn.  They would say that love exist within the soul of a person.  It is something we are born with and only needs the freedom to find itself.  Could love truly be something we are all born with or is it something we desperately need to learn?  I do not have an answer.  I would like to believe it is something we are born with.  Perhaps we are inherently born to love and somehow we just forget how to do it.

For me, that is why I believe Jesus had to come to earth.  I know many people have told the story of Jesus in hundreds of different ways.  There have been many actors and artists who have tried to describe Jesus to the world.  Very few have been able to give somewhat of an accurate picture of who He really was and is.  The love of Jesus extends beyond my ability to love others.  It is an ultimate love I can never achieve but can only accept.

During this season where most people will gather with family and eat ham, it is my hope that I will remember the love that nailed Jesus to a cross.  God with us – how do we even understand that?  It is no wonder that Jesus focused on the issue of love more than most other topics He could have focused on.  It is no wonder that the Apostles followed suit.  So, my simple conclusion is thus:  Let us love.  For some like me, I have to learn it all over again.  There is no shame in learning how to love once again.  When we love as Jesus loved, we experience the love of the Father.  I so desperately want this love.  I hope you do as well.  Its worth it


One Response to “Learning to Love All Over Again”

  1. Dorie Says:

    Maybe we inherently know how to love but we have to learn how to love in a healthy way? It is the other fallacies in our lives that muddle the ability to love unconditionally. We let the clutter of the world we live in seep into our hearts.

    Love is a paradox of the simplest of abilities yet the most difficult to do. We struggle with love because we are fallen, broken people.

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