Doing Church: Following Christ

This past Sunday, we were challenged with the person of Jesus.  David taught on Acts in a way that far too few pastors have taught on the person and power of Jesus.  In my own personal thinking, I really believe what David was saying regarding Christ and His Person.  Christ is not this “pseudo” god that was made of wood or a stone.  He was in fact, God – a “person” if you will, who came from the Father in the flesh to dwell among the people of Israel during a time when the people were waiting for a promised Messiah to come and free them from the bonds of the Roman government.

We are not called to follow Joel Osteen or the Purpose Driven way.  We are called to follow Christ and rejoice when we are challenged with authority figures that would rather go away quiet.  Though, in the US, this is not the biggest issue, other Christians around the world are faced with the possibilities of dying simply because they own a Bible or they go to an underground Church.

For me, this service was another “slap in the face” as to my role in loving God and loving others.  It is a simple thing.  In all ways, we much continually run after Christ and His leading and not allow other people or things to hinder our abilities to actively pursue a relationship with Him.  It is all too important.


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