Books, Books, and More Books

These are 10 books I have read that I thought you might want to take a look at.  Some of them are for the theologically inclined and others are for personal devotion.  Each one of these books has added to my personal growth in the Lord and thus, I share them with you in no particular order hopes that they will do the same.

Life Together  (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)
Everybody Wants to Go to heaven, but Nobody Wants to Die (David Crowder)
God’s Politics:  Why the Right Gets it Wrong And the Left Doesn’t Get It (Jim Wallis)
Orthodoxy (G.K. Chesterton)
Intuitive Leadership Embracing a Paradigm of Narrative, Metaphor, and Chaos (Tim Keel)
Paul for Everyone Romans (N.T. Wright)
Rich Christians In An Age of Hunger (Ronald J Sider)
A Community Called Atonement (Scot McKnight)
Fear and Trembling (Soren A. Kierkegaard)
Bondage of the Will (Martin Luther)

I am excited to start a few new books, which I have recently bought.  Here are a couple of books I am looking forward to beginning:

Surprised by Hope (N.T. Wright)
The Shaping of Things to Come (Alan Hirsch/Michael Frost)
Exiles (Michael Frost)
What Would Jesus Deconstruct?  The Good News of Postmdernism for the Church (John Caputo)

Do you have any books you would like to recommend or share?  Please let me know


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