Doing Church: Shanna Cummings (Welcome)

Today both Todd and Gary took the back seat from teaching and allowed one of our newest members of our leadership team to teach. Shanna Cummings joined our leadership team to help aide in the area of discipleship. Though I hardly know her, I felt it would be important to show up and listen to what God might be saying through her, since she had just joined the leadership team and all. I felt that her words were those from God and not her own.

The Subject matter was acts 4. The basics of the passage the disciples were beaten and told not to teach the word of God or even do the works of God in Jesus’ name. They boldly told them that they were unable to do such a thing. When they left, they went back and told the others what had happened to them and they thought it to be a good idea to pray.

I know that the whole, “living for Jesus” deal meant that perhaps I would have to put up with some trials and whatnot. I never thought that perhaps I would have to stand up to someone even in the mists of being beaten. I am not sure I would enjoy the pain that would come with being beaten with rods or whipped with a whip. I am not a fan of pain but I have to believe that compromising the faith in which I have been given, as a gift is not possible either. If it meant being whipped for the sake of Christ, I hope I would be able to go through the same ordeal as the disciples of Jesus. I hope I would not buckle under pressure and given in to those demands.

I also found it interesting that they shared their pain and trials with others (their family/community). At once it seemed as though it was necessary to pray (something I don’t think we consider as valuable or important in that respect as much as we should). Their prayer was powerful and exciting to read. They were bold in their prayer (which I feel as though I could step up in doing a little more) and active in thought. It is true that prayer is powerful but when people pray expecting God to actually move in their prayers, it makes it seem a lot more alive and active (if that even makes sense).

So Shanna finished her sermon. It was the first of I hope many sermons to come. Welcome to the team, Shanna. God bless.


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