Doing Church: Testimonies

This Sunday, instead of having a normal service, three people shared about their trips as missionaries both around the world and around the corner.  I really felt blessed to know that these people had an outlet to share what God had done on their trips and how they had grown in their faith through their experiences while they were there.  I have found importance in sharing testimonies with others.  There is a great deal of encouragement that goes along with such a thing.

Jeff went to Timbuktu.  He was there about 10 days to help at a clinic for people who were in need of medical attention.  They were dirt poor and had no means of receiving such help.  As we listened to him share, I felt as though he had grown a lot on this trip.  It was almost evident from how his eyes lit up when we talked about the people he served.  After he shared, he showed a 10-minute video from his trip that he had made.  Pictures of young kids playing sports and music as the backdrop, gave us an inside look at what he had experienced through his 10-day journey.

Next, Brenda shared about her trip to Nepal.  Nepal is a place with a lot of mountains and scenery but has nothing for the people who live there.  They had to travel about seven miles to get to the village, which seemed to hang on the side of this barren mountain.  There were about 50 families there who literally had nothing.  Their purpose was to provide light for their homes so they can stop building fires in the house for light.  The smoke from the fires damaged their lungs and caused my children and adults to die. Having these solar panels would improve the situation.  When the lights went on, the people would rejoice and praise their god for the light they now had in their homes.  She said it was an amazing experience.

Finally Anna shared about her trip to Feasterville.  She lived in a dirty hotel for a week and learned how to understand the culture our church lived.  I am glad she did.  I believe in order to reach the community you desire to serve, one might have to go the distance and spend the time to live there and ask some pretty hard questions.  Her trip was different in some ways because she did not travel outside of her community.  In fact, I am not even sure you could call it a “mission trip.”  What it was though was a time to focus on listening to those in which live around us as a Church.  It was a time to figure out what we are supposed to do.  It was a time to realize that God whispers and therefore, we need to be in a place where God has the freedom to speak, even if he does so with a small voice.  Anna took a lot of notes and challenged herself to be known by God.  I think that is totally awesome.  She now has some direction in how we can better serve our community.  Not bad for a week’s wroth of work.

That’s all for now.  I am so blessed these three people shared.  I hope we have an opportunity to hear others share their stories throughout this year as well.  God bless


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