A 15 Day Fast (Sort of)

Have you ever been tested by God in a way that you can’t understand until it is over?  When you go through the trial, you wonder why it has to happen to you when it happens and all at once you begin to wonder if perhaps you misunderstood something?  I am there right now.  I am frustrated and yet I know somehow and someway, everything is going to work out for God’s glory.  It is not just a cliché that I have learned to say over and over again to make me feel good about my situation or myself.  I have experienced it in the past and I hope once again, I will experience it in a greater way.  What am I referring to?  Let me tell you:

On October 14th, I ended up a little late to work.  Actually I was on my way to work apparently doing 87 in a 55.  Everything was fine until I look in my rear view mirror and saw a light show behind me.  His lights were blue and red and I all at once realized that I was being pulled over by a cop.  I slowed down and found a place where I could be out of the way of traffic and turned off my car.  As I sat there, I began to contemplate my situation:  I was late to work and I was hoping this cop would understand and perhaps give me grace regarding my choice of driving speeds.

As he came to the window, I presented my license registration and insurance.  He told me I was speeding.  I told him my situation and asked for some grace regarding my speed.  With my license in his hand, he went back to his car and I just sat there, hoping he would give me a break.  As he returned, he had a yellow paper with him.  He handed it to me with all of my driver information and told me that he was sorry and had to give me a ticket.  I looked down and saw 194.50 written in pencil.  So, I went on and drove to work.

Two weeks later, I received a letter in the mail from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (Penn Dot) that said, “Dr. Mr. Miekley, You have received 5 points on your license due to your speeding.  You must go to a departmental hearing on December 13th and plead your case.  If you do not show up on time, you will lose your license for 90 days and receive a fine.  Signed…” So I went, hoping that I could plead my case and ask for grace regarding my police stop on October 14th.  It did not go as I thought it would though.

When I showed up, I walked through a door and a guy was sitting on the other side of a desk.  In three minutes of seeing and talking with me, he told me that I would end up losing my license for 15 days.  Needless to say, I asked him again to reconsider his choice but it was too late.  He had signed the paper and I was to lose my license mid January for 15 days.  Merry Christmas.

Three weeks later, I received a letter once again from my friends at Penn Dot.  They told me that they must receive my license by January 18th at 12:01 AM.  I am so glad they had an approximate time for it.  So, to make sure it would arrive on time, I sent my license today (1/16/08) to Penn Dot (Harrisburg, PA) next day shipping with my license and 25.00 so that after 15 days, my license will be reactivated in the police computers and I can drive once again.

All in all, I have to say that I am not as upset as I thought I would have been.  I am blessed to have friends that will help me out to get from school to home and from work to home throughout the week.  I also have an awesome mom who has told me that if I were in need of being dropped off somewhere, she would help me out.  The only issue I have is being humble enough to ask for rides for these next 15 days.

I am the one who usually ends up giving rides to people who are in need of rides.  I hate asking for help and being dependant on other people to go somewhere.  God is going to teach me something through this (outside of slowing down and doing the speed limit when I drive).  I just do not know what exactly.  I guess that is something I will have to figure out when all is said and done.  God is good though.  He has never let me down.  I know that these 15 days will go by fast enough.  All I need to do is do my best to continue to do what I can do.  I need to not worry about asking for rides and receive a blessing form others every once in a while.  I guess perhaps that is something I will gather from this experience.  Just thought I would update you on my stupidity.  God bless


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