A New Kind of Dance

For the past couple of days I have been considering how our faith is like a dance. Though there is no Scripture that actively supports the analogy, I believe in some way, we are invited to dance with God. It is an awesome task and few feel as though they are able to learn the steps.

For some people, it might feel like everyone around them is doing a waltz and all you know is a line dance. In short, it feels like everyone around you is moving to the beat of a different drum as it were. I can honestly say in my own life, much of my time on the dance floor of life has been spent this way. I have tried to understand why I am the only one in the corner of the floor, doing my own thing while everyone else seems to know all the right steps. As I sit back at times and watch others dance, I feel as though I am not even worthy to remain on the floor and oftentimes have found a chair on the sidelines and watched.

Learning to dance a certain way is a daunting task. More and more, I have found myself completely and hopelessly drawn to want to learn but have found myself wanting to quit after the first twenty minutes. I feel bad when I step on His toes or when I just can’t keep up. I end up apologizing more often than most and ask to take a break. Sometimes those breaks last longer than twenty minutes. It rather ends up being like a month or two. What a waste.

I thank God that there came a time when I decided to stick to learning the steps of this special dance of faith. I began to learn the rules of the dance and how the melody went. I sat and listened as my Instructor began to model for me how to do it. It looked so simple. At once I would get up and attempt to dance but He told me to stop, sit, listen, and wait. My time to dance would soon come. So I would sit and watch. He then asked me to stand. I was really ready this time. Loudly in my mind I would count the beat. I would look down every so often and make sure my feet were in the right place. Then He stopped me and told me not to worry about how others would see my dance. “They are dancing their dance, you dance yours.” In time, I began to feel the mechanical edge of my counting and steps soften and a fluid motion begin. No longer did I have to count in my head. I would just listen to the melody playing through the speakers and dance my dance of faith. As I looked around, I found that I was in tune with others and that our dance complimented one another. It was a beautiful sight.

As I looked behind me, I saw others sitting on the sidelines much like I had been. I saw a desire for them to dance as well but hidden behind their hearts was a fear that gave them the shakes and hide. In them, I saw my former self. I wanted them to enjoy the dance I was dancing. I felt as though they were missing out.

I then realized what my Instructor was trying to tell me from the beginning. Even if I just stand on the floor (forced or on my own accord), and the dance continues around me with its sweet music, it was always better to be out on the dance floor rather than sitting on the sidelines. When I decided to get caught up in the dance, my life changed. I now know the steps and no longer need to remember to count. I can close my eyes and listen. All together, the dance of faith is radically beautiful.

If you have not taken the opportunity to get out on the dance floor, I encourage you to do so. The Instructor is ready and willing to teach you how to dance this dance of faith. Once you have learned it, you will see how beautiful it really is. Ecclesiastes says, “There is a time to dance.” I hope you will take that time to step out and dance your dance of faith as well. I promise you your life will never be the same.

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One Response to “A New Kind of Dance”

  1. Bill Says:

    Amen brother! That’s what I’ve been trying to do the past year or two with my group and teaching them that it’s not about learning, it’s getting out on the dance floor. Well said!

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