Doing Church: Acts 1

Today we began our study through the book of Acts.  In the same format as we have seen through Exodus, we will be looking Acts respectively.  Today we did a run through the background of Acts.  We know that Luke wrote the book of Acts (at least 99.4 percent of us) and we know that it was probably a court document.  Since the church was going through a lot of trials with respects to legitimacy and importance, Luke took it upon himself (as one that was a witness to the ministry of the church with Paul) to write down all that he had experienced as well as accounts from respectable people.  When all was said and done, Luke had written a 77-page document (12 font, times new roman, double spaced).  Needless to say, Luke was very thorough with his thoughts and his accounts.

Luke first accounts to his first writing (testimony) of his document.  He is apparently writing this to “Theophilus.”  Theophilus means “Lover of God.”  He lets us know that the first account highlights the ministry of Jesus till He returns to heaven.  Jesus tells the disciples to wait in Jerusalem until the coming of the Spirit upon them.  In fact, the words used here are, “He ordered them not to depart from Jerusalem.”

The disciples thought that this would be the time in which God brought the Kingdom of Israel.  They were wrong.  In fact, they heard probably the opposite of what they wanted to hear.  They were going to be witnesses (martyrs) for the Gospel – and they were.

This outlines the beginning of our study of Acts.  It is a great book because the way in which we should be the church stems from the framework of the book of Acts.  It is our life source and our reference tool.  I am really looking forward to studying through the book of Acts together.


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