All and/or Nothing

You’re all I want
You’re all I’ve ever needed…

These two lines come from a very popular song most of us have probably sung in our churches.  The purpose of the song is to ask God to draw Himself to us.  It truly is a song about intimacy.  Along with other songs and Scriptures, we learn that God is everything we could ever need.  God is more than enough for us.  All that we need can be found in Him alone.

I don’t doubt God is and will always be all that we need.  God gives us a surprising statement though in Genesis 2.  He says it is not good that man is alone.  What on earth does God mean?  How is man alone when he is found in the presence of God?  How can man really need someone more than God?

My only thought is that, as God is both one and three, it is not good for man to just be one (individual).  For man to solely be himself, is, perhaps what God would call, “not good.”  It is just an idea.  I am not sure.  Any ideas?


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