Its All Over!

Christmas is over. For some of us, the passing of this holiday is more of a relief than that of sadness. For the past two months, many of us have been set into frenzy with the “holiday spirit” of buying and shopping. For two months, many of us have been listening to Christmas music and have been bombarded with “50 percent off” sales in every window. Each year, it seems to be the same way. There is no break from the hustle of mall discounts and Christmas preparations. Then, all at once, after months of planning and buying, the presents have been opened, the family has both come and gone, and we are back to reality. As my friend, Gary said Christmas Eve; it is like we can finally breathe again.

I am not trying to write a sad story here but it happens so often in most situations, I figure I might has well call it what it is. Many people this year have allowed Christmas to be a time where they end up disappointed in the lack of change they wanted to experience. Many of us who are single (cough) have not found that significant loved one we so desperately desire to get to know. Many of us have hoped that we would become more popular this year only to find out that at the end of the day, we are left once again alone.

I wonder what hopes and aspirations Mary had after she had Jesus. I wonder if she was at all disappointed after the first Christmas. After the angels left and after the bright light went away, was Mary disappointed? I don’t think she was. To think that the Godchild nursed at her breasts and slept in her arms – that must had been an amazing site. Life was not this “bed of roses” for the couple though. They went through hard times, as any couple that had just had a baby in a stable would naturally have. The next time we read about Mary, Joseph and Jesus, they are in a house. The wise men come and visit him and they present gifts to the Family. It is about two years later by the way. I have often wondered what those first couple of years where like for the new family. Just a few more questions I would ask if given the chance to ask them.

So for us, like Joseph and Mary, once Christmas is over, will we allow the glitz and glimmer of the holidays to leave behind the darkness that looms over us or will we look down and see Jesus sitting in our arms fast asleep? Will we end up disappointed by all the “should have, would have, could haves” or will we make a decision to hold on to the hope of Emmanuel, God with us? It is a decision that will not make our life easier. We will not necessarily find the significant love one nor will we necessarily find true companionship by the world’s standards. We will have what truly matters most – Jesus.

It is with that, I encourage you to enjoy the post holiday season and know that the greatest gift is with you. It is truly a breathe of fresh air


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