Shepherds: Do Not Fear!

Did you know that the shepherds got to see the baby Jesus before anyone else? They were the first visitors of the King of the Jews. As a bunch of smelly outsiders, the shepherds were oftentimes alone. And, though their job of herding sheep was important for the economical status of each town, the job of a shepherd was not very glamorous or exciting to say the least.

These shepherds were the first to see the baby Jesus. Could you imagine herding sheep in the countryside and all of the sudden, a massive host of angels how up in the sky and start singing the most beautiful song you had ever heard? I have never heard angels sing nor have I ever seen an angel. The sight of the host of angels must have been absolutely crazy. Words most likely could not describe what the shepherds saw. All we know is that they were really freaked out. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t blame them.

The angels must have known they were going to create an atmosphere of fear. Their response was one that resulted from their majestic presence: Do not fear. Could you imagine hearing their voice? I wonder what it would have sounded like. Would I have really not been scared after they told me to not fear them? I somewhat doubt it.

They then were given the way to see the King of the Jews. They were obedient and followed the instructions they were given. Go to Bethlehem, look for a manger, and find mother, father, and son.

The angels told the shepherds not to fear. I guess I just find it interesting that God would find it so important that you and I would learn that the shepherds were there after Christ was born. Perhaps it is not a big deal to most but it is significant. God thought it was significant because it is written down for you and I to read. I figure if God thinks it is important for us to know, we might as well take some time and recognize the significance for ourselves. God bless


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