Doing Church: This Makes Sense

Sitting in church today, I realized that we were only a week away from celebrating Christmas.  Christmas has always been a big deal with our family.  It is one of three times a year that we all find time to get together and share time, food, and love for one another.  It is a time when all of our very different lifestyles go on hold and we find common ground together.  It has been for me, the greatest holiday for those reasons.

This Sunday, I was challenged in the word of God by the Scripture in a way I have not been in a long while.  There was something that was said that just made me think again about all I had heard that day.  A king is usually born in a palace.  Maybe that isn’t a big deal.  Maybe that makes no sense to you.  Here’s the thing that hits me the most about it.  The wise men knew the prophecy concerning “a king of the Jews.”  So, considering their knowledge of where kings are normally born, they go to the palace where Herod is surprised by their visit.  Were they wrong to think Jesus would be born in the palace?  I have to believe they only did what made perfect sense to them.  It would have made sense to you and I as well.

Jesus wasn’t born in a palace though.  He wasn’t born in a room filled with gold and servants.  He was born in a stable (a barn) and spent His first few days in a trough (a feeding trough).  Sound like a king?

When the wise men show up, they walk up to the door of a common household.  How on earth can the king of the Jews be born in this common place?  How can the Savior be born in the house of someone like a carpenter of all things?  As they enter the house, the wise men see Mary, Joseph, and Jesus (who’s name is close enough to Joshua – what a common name for a king).  The wise men are able to see past all of the commonality of Jesus to see the truth – this is in fact, the King of the Jews.  They kneel down before Jesus (some of the most respected men in the world kneel before a baby – make sense?) and give Him gifts (probably a lot of them too).

So, as we celebrate the remembrance of the birth of Jesus, let’s not forget how He came into this world.  He was common as anyone would be common.  The work, love and message of Jesus though was and continues to be life changing.  Make sense?


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