Santa VS God: We Need to Decide

Merriam-Webster:  San-ta Claus
Prounciation:  ‘san-ta-“Kloz also ‘san-tE-
Function:  noun
Etymology:  modification of Dutch Sinterklaas, alteration of Sint Nikolaas, Saint Nicholas

* A fat, old man with a beard and a red suit that delivers presents to well-behaved children during the season of Christmas – a holiday in which the birth of Jesus Christ is observed (December 25th).

I was at the Montgomery Mall the other day and saw a line of kids with their parents.  As I followed the line with my eyes, I saw what I had feared most – It was a line to Santa Claus.  As I walked nearer to the stage where some fat guy in a red suit sat on a big cushioned throne.  It really is a sad story.

Do we really need to lie to our kids regarding Santa?  Why do we feel like we need to tell kids about a person who has been emulated simply because he did what you and I are called to do everyday?

What if Santa really was real?  What if some fat guy came down your chimney each year, giving presents to all the good boys and girls?  Have you ever thought about the similarities between Santa and God?  There are several:  If you are a good boy or girl, you get a present.  If however you are not, you receive coal (which right now could probably been seen as a gift because the cost of oil is so high).  In the same respects, God gives presents (ultimately entrance into heaven) for those who are His own (the good boys and girls) and sends the other (those He does not know) to hell (hence the coal – fire?)  How does Santa know who is good and bad?  That’s easy.  “He makes a list and checks it twice.”  God is the same way (though does not need to check it twice).  There is the Lamb’s book of life.  If you are found in it, you are in.  If you are not in, you’re out.  And, why can we find Santa almost everywhere?  He is omnipresent.  Just like God, Santa really is everywhere.  It is also like American Express – “It’s everywhere you want to be.”  Perhaps that is why so many of us feel as though we need to put hundreds of dollars of gifts onto a credit card.  Santa, God, or American Express:  They all go together don’t they?  Santa knows all of our names by heart and even knows what we want.  He knows our address and our tree location.  He knows we will put out cookies and milk for him to eat and he knows what we deserve.  God is the same way.  God truly does know our names.  He knows every hair on our head and all of our dreams and wishes for this life.  He knows the address to our heart and speaks to us in a still small voice.

I am sure you get the picture.  It seems to me that we have replaced God with Santa.  We have allowed the commercialism of Christmas to replace the recognition of Jesus’ birth.  Now people stand in lines sometimes a quarter mile long in hopes of having their children sit on the big guy’s lap and receive a picture as a keep-sake (for a 7×10, one will play 24.99 – I wish they could just make it 25.00 even).  In all of this, I hope I have not ruined someone’s spirit of Christmas.  It is a great holiday.  I just wish people would not attempt to replace Almighty God with a fat man who could really care less about your children or us.  This is just another set of ramblings from a man who is tired of seeing people buy into the commercialism of Christmas.  Happy Holidays


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