Doing Church: So Long, Exodus

Well, we have ended our study of Exodus.  I have to admit that when I realized we were done our study, I was a little sad.  I have learned a lot and have been challenged by its writing.  I am learning more about myself through the story of the Exodus and will have to go back and review my notes and study it again in the near future.  For now, I will allow it to sit in my mind and become apart of which I am.  It is a beautiful thing.

The end of chapter 40 is by far some of the most interesting reading of the book of Exodus.  I have found that it has challenged me more than some other parts of Scripture just by simply reading it and allowing it to hit me.

The presence of God is so amazing.  When the Lord filled the tent of meeting, even Moses could not go in.  It was so intense.  Could you imagine the glory of the Lord filling your house to the point that you could not even enter the front door?   What would that even look like?  How could we describe it to others so that they would believe we had a true account with God?  I don’t have an answer for that but I know that Moses must have stood speechless in wonder as God filled the tent of meeting.

This whole filling of the tent makes perfect sense.  If Moses were able to enter the tent of meeting, then Moses would have displaced the glory of God.  This is common science.  If I fill a glass with water to the brim and then attempt to put a medium sized rock in the glass, some of the water would have to spill out of the glass because the rock would have displaced the water from the glass.  Make sense folks?  And, since nothing is greater than the glory of God, nothing could have displaced God or His glory.  That is a crazy thing to think about.

The last parts of these words are of true interest to me.  When the pillar of cloud would rest, the people of Israel would stay put.  When it lifted, they would move.  Ultimately, the people of Israel would not go anywhere without the cloud (by day) or fire (by night) moving.  I wonder what it would be like if the church would live the same way.  What if I made a decision to not go anywhere without believing God is going to go before me?  How would my life change if I lived knowing that God wants to go before me?  Since God knows what is best for me (like any loving Father), maybe I should ask Him to help me out a little more.

Anyway, I figure I have a lot still to learn.  Those are a few things that have been stirring in my mind lately though.  I hope they will stir something within you as well. God bless.


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