White Christmas in November?

So I was walking in K-mart the other day around nine o’clock. As I entered through the doors, I saw the left over Halloween costumes on the racks and a ton of candy sitting in boxes to the left. As I continued through the store, I was brought to a stop. Believe it or not, “White Christmas” was playing over the speakers. I don’t know about you but I have some thoughts about this.

Number 1: What the hell? We aren’t even in December yet. It seems as though when Halloween ends, Christmas begins. What on earth ever happened to Thanksgiving? Is it just I or did we forget? I know that Christmas is the biggest commercialized holiday in America but come on people. Do we really need to be hearing “White Christmas” right now? Don’t get me wrong. Christmas is a great holiday. For me, it is more about giving than receiving but nonetheless; it is the only day I am guaranteed not to work at the restaurant I work at. Seriously though. Can we shut off the music till at least December? It is the least we could do.

Number 2: Can we take the time to consider the importance of Thanksgiving? I mean, seriously. Thanksgiving is an important day. I consider Thanksgiving as the “anti-complaining” holiday. We really have a lot to be thankful for in this world. We live in a free country where, if I want to say “merry Christmas” I can say it without worrying what people should think. I have great health, a great family, and more blessings from God I can even count. So it is that Thanksgiving is a day that we stop and remember just how blessed we really are in this great nation.

I am not saying I have all the answers; Lord knows I don’t. All I am saying is: We need to not forget the importance of Thanksgiving. It is a day on our calendar for a reason. Go to your local store and ask them to turn off “White Christmas” till December. Let’s take some time to remember just how amazingly blessed we really are. Thanks


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