The Lord and His Prayer: Personal Reflections (6)

Finally, we have the last part of the prayer.  “For yours is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, forever and ever, amen.”  There is a lot here in this selected part of this prayer.  First and foremost, we have the word “yours.”  It is His… It is not ours.  I think when we are able to understand that, we are better off.  Our egos are shot and our pride is diminished.  We must never forget who owns all that we have and who it all belongs to.  We are only given an invitation to be apart of it.  The Kingdom of God is a great topic I could write on for hours.  I won’t though for the sake of time and space.  The only thing I will say about the Kingdom of God is that it is a place where God rules perfectly and we serve God.  It is an eternal Kingdom that will have no end.  It is not limited to time.  It is not a dictatorship, as we know it here on earth, where the servants are belittled or mistreated.  We are family with God.  We serve alongside of Him, as our King.

In America, we have no clue what this really looks like because we have never had a King as a ruler of our nation.  Other countries have an idea though because they have live with an active King or Queen as the Sovereign.  So it is, we will have a King (The Godhead) ruling over us and allowing us to be apart of that Kingdom for eternity.  Power is the only term out of three we in American understand all too well.  We all bide for it.  We attempt to push our power on others and oftentimes try to over power others through our words or actions.  It is foolish.  Others in American have a large amount of power.  They write our laws, fight for justice, protect us from rogue countries, and collect our taxes each year.  That is not the kind of power though God has.  He has supreme power.  It is greater than you or I could even imagine.  Finally, the word glory we oftentimes attempt to place upon ourselves.  We cannot take the credit though for glory.  It is only God’s.  God is not in the sharing mood when it comes to His glory.  Everything that He does in and through us (and not in and through us) is solely His.  For some, that is a rude awakening but it is the fact nonetheless.  God’s glory is His.  It’s just another way to humble us before God Himself.  I have found the prayer the Lord taught His disciples beneficial for us.  Maybe we need to read it a little more often and meditate on the significance of this prayer.  Perhaps it would change us more.  Just another one of those thoughts I can help but wonder.


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