The Lord and His Prayer: Personal Reflections (3)

The next part of this prayer is probably one of the most powerful prayers we oftentimes seem to miss.  Give us this day our daily bread.  God gives us what we have because of the grace He freely gives.  To give means you have to have and God has a lot.  I am not getting all prosperity like; I am just saying God has everything we would ever need, and then some.  I am convinced that God gets joy when He is able to give us stuff.  It is almost like He shows off in a humble manner.  I think sometimes we want more than we can chew.

I believe that is why this prayer is so important.  Give us this day.  What a thought.  What would life be like if we just worried about today?  If we decided that we would not stretch our “needs” past today?  God provided each day for the Israelites when they were in the wilderness for forty years.  They were only allowed to gather food for that day (unless it was the Sabbath the next day – which meant they had to gather for two days).  They were not allowed to gather more than was needed.  If the tried to do so, it would rot.  Perhaps if we were only to ask for what we need for today, our lives would not be rotting away with mindless and meaningless crap.  Perhaps our lives would be more relaxed and less stressed if we were to worry about today alone.  This part of the prayer ends with “our daily bread.”

Again, the illusion goes directly back to the Israelites and their walk in the wilderness.  God provides for sure.  He gives us what we need each and everyday.  If a kid asks his earthly father for an egg, a father would not give him a snake.  How much more would good give us if we ask him to give us our daily bread one day at a time?  I am not sure.  All I know is that God calls us to pray in this manner.  It is a prayer in humility.  So, Lord, give us this day our daily bread.  I do not know what tomorrow holds God, so I will not attempt to ask you for something that is beyond my understanding.  The only thing I really know is right now.  And you know what I need.  So I humbly come before You, Lord and ask for what I need for today.  I wonder how the church would change if we acted this out and lived this out each and everyday.  I hope one day, I will see this way of living in my lifetime.  I hope it no longer lives as a dream for the Church but an actual living event in our daily lives (at least for today).


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