The Lord and His Prayer: Personal Reflections

For this first post, I have decided to take the first part of this prayer in Matthew six and focus on the importance of “Our Father.”  I do not think we consider God as our Father as much as He desires us to see him in that fashion.  He is in fact, our Father, and He loves us, as an honorable Father should.

As I sit and reflect about God as my Father, I cannot help but think when I have skinned my knee after falling off my bike and running to my dad.  When I was younger, my dad would pick me up in his arms and tell me it would be okay.  He always encouraged me to continue to try once again and to never give up.  When I was finally able to take the training wheels off, he was so proud of me.  Is it possible that God; in the same manner looks at us that way as well?  When we are in need, is it possible that we can call upon a Father who loves you and I to help us in our times of need (even for something that seems trivial like skinning one’s knee after falling off one’s bike?  I believe He is.

Not only that, but God never leaves us or forsakes us.  He is not like a great portion of earthly fathers who walk out on their own kids for selfish reasons.  He sticks it out.  Whenever we feel like we need something stable in our life, God is always there to answer our call.  In this intimate prayer, God is our Father.  He is more than just our Father but He is to be revered as our Father in heaven.  To some, it bothers them that God is no longer here on earth.  And I guess I would think the same thing.  If I didn’t know any better (which oftentimes I don’t), I would treat God like a Father who packed up and moved out.  I would ultimately live like the prodigal son who ran off to do his own thing while he left his father behind and out of the way.

In my younger years of being a Christian, I have learned even though God is “far off” He is also close to those who call upon His name.  He is really not that far at all.  He sees all we do (which can be a really scary thing) and holds us accountable in our actions and deeds because He has done so much for us.  All of this to say; God is our Father.  He loves us and provides for us in ways we seldom understand or appreciate.  He is the model Father.  He is the One we can call on whenever we are in need of Him.  I guess the question then that we need to ask of ourselves is, “Do we really believe God is our Father and not just some ‘god’ who keeps to himself and cares nothing about what he made here on earth?”  It is an honest question I think sometimes we overlook.

For myself, I have to believe that God is my Father.  He desires to have a personal relationship with me all the time.  He seems to always work His busy schedule around mine and yet also seems to keep everything organized and running on time.  He has a lot of responsibilities but He is never too busy for me (or for us – the Church).  So when we pray, we never need to feel like we are a bother.  He desires for us to call upon Him in our times of need and also when we just want to hang out with Him.  He is fair, honest, and just.  And, unlike my earthly father (though an amazing icon of God), our Heavenly Father is perfect.  Thus He deserves the honor and praise.  His name is truly great, that is why we praise Him in the manner that we do.  He is our Father, who is in heaven.   And His name is great.


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