Doing Church: Midrash

We do not have normal services at The Well.  In fact, I do not believe I have ever been to a normal service there since I have been there now at least six months.  I am okay with that though.  So it is that I have continued to learn more about what The Well is all about.  It was good that we had this kind of service.

This was more a service to explain where we have been and how we got to where we are.  We are technically a three-year-old church.  It used to be a “different name” back in the day but it has unveiled itself as a new place of worship about three years ago.  So, we consider ourselves a “baby” church.  Todd spoke today about how a three-year old acts mentally and emotionally.  He also talked about how we need to grow up in a positive way.  I agree.  I guess it is fun to be a child and not grow up at times.  For us, it is important that we do grow up though and live up to what God has called us to live up to.  It is not a punishment of any kind.  It is just an important role we need to fulfill as a body of Christ.

So, Sunday night, we had our Midrash service.  Midrash simply means teaching.  We were going to eat and celebrate our three years as a church over food and fellowship.  Not a bad way to begin a night.  We were then going to discuss where we felt the church was going and what it would look like in three years, if we could predict where it would be.  Since our church comprises of PBU students and many other college students, we know our aim is not to be this “mega-church” model.  We wouldn’t do too well in that department anyway.  We know that we are a sending out church.  Eventually I will be going out to do the ministry God has called me to do for His glory.  That is how it works.

We were asked to draw what we thought the church would look like in three years, using only two words.  For me, it was a challenge cause I am not a great drawer at all.  I did my best though and felt as though I was able to convey where I thought The Well was going.  There were a lot of people who had great ideas.

For me, I thought we should be a body that infects people for the Gospel.  If we are not acting like a virus, we are not really being effective.  What would you draw if you could use words to convey what your church should look like in the future?  How would you show the body of Christ to others?  It is a tough question.  At the end of the night, I felt as though, for now, God had me at The Well to learn more about what it looks like to see the body of Christ in action.  I am learning a lot and know that I can take a lot of what I am learning into the ministry God has called me to.  I know I am blessed in the Father’s hands.  It is to this end, I serve God to the best of my abilities.


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