Doing Church: The Big 10

Gary taught this Sunday at The Well.  We basically finished our study on The Ten Commandments.  I realized that a lot of people really do not know The Ten Commandments by heart.  Gary gave us a few ways to remember the Ten though, which was actually somewhat entertaining.  He apparently has not forgotten them in almost thirteen years, which is good.

He gave us another way to express the importance of The Ten Commandments.  Since Gary travels a lot, he reads up on safety stuff about the countries he is going to visit.  There are definitely things you should not do while you are there.  As a visitor to another country, I have experienced the need to know what is appropriate and what is not.  There is this book called “GO!” or something like that.  It gives you all these things you can and should not do while you are in a certain country.  It is good information apparently and useful as well.  I guess we can look at The Ten Commandments that way.  When we follow the rules, we realize we are better for doing it.  When we go against the grain, we end up hurt or even worse.

No matter what diagram or analogy one uses to describe The Ten Commandments, I still feel as though we can do ourselves and others justice if we would share the importance of the blessings we receive when we follow them.  It is not a code of ethics or whatever but it is something that we can lean on.  So it is that we finish The Ten Commandments.

In other news…  We had a baptism and a dedication all in one day at The Well.  I was kind of surprised that we did both.  I mean, when it really comes down to it, it doesn’t matter which is done when I guess.  Though I am more for a baby dedication and a believer’s baptism, I felt the explanations of both were done well.  So I say congrats to both kids.  I am doing the benediction this upcoming week.  I am also teaching on Tuesday at a College and Career group.  I will be teaching on forgiveness.  I feel as though the church has failed the body of Christ in teaching on forgiveness.  So, I am going to teach on it.  Keep me in prayer.  Thanks


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