Doing Church: Love God

This Sunday, Todd started off our 10 Commandments series dealing with the first four commandments.  When we consider the Jesus Creed, these would be the “Love God” commands of the ten.  I remember reading the book SEX GOD by Rob Bell, who stated that the 10 commandments were not just a bunch of laws that were made to keep the people of Israel in check.  It was rather more like a marriage vow.  I really do not believe we look at God or His commandments like that enough.  There are a lot of blessings when we devote ourselves to someone for the rest of our lives.  When we come and make a law/covenant with another person, it is a representation of how we are to give ourselves to God until we die (so help us God).  In that, The Ten Commandments are very important to us and ultimately to God.

So what can we learn about The Ten Commandments?  You shall have no other gods but me.  From a marriage perspective, it means, “do not commit adultery.”  That seems like a good start in a marriage.  If you are going to marry someone, perhaps keeping with them and looking at them, and having relations with them only (since you decided to marry them and all) is the least we could do.  I guess God is no different in that way.  We should only keep to one god anyway.  Having more than one god can be quite confusing.  What if we do not worship one god enough and another god way too much (if that is even possible)?  I think we should just stick to one.

Another important commandment is, “You shall not make any graven images.”  This is another important commandment.  In today’s language, it would be stated perhaps this way, “Don’t try and make me who you want me to be, allow me to be who I am.”  In a marriage, I think this is really important.  So often, I have heard of people in marriages who attempt to make their spouse someone that they are not.  In a marriage (so I am told), it is important to allow your spouse to be who they were created to be (an individual).  God is the same way (though not created – He is the Creator).  When we try and make God into our own image, we try and ultimately place Him into a mental box.  That is never good.  God is free to be who He is.  No image can fully comprehend Him.  It is just better off allowing Him to be God.

I found these two commandments the most interesting to consider.  I have a lot to learn about what they all really mean and how we can apply them to our own culture and lifestyle.  Until then, I will continue to live the life I believe God has called me to live.  Part of that also means I need to continually be in community with the body of believers God has placed me with.  I am doing that.  So, for now, we will resume our study of The Ten Commandments till next week.  God bless.


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