Consumerism Rape

Maybe you do not like my title for this post.  I am okay with that.  Still the issue remains.  How many people, when going into a mall or a “public place” is bombarded by different individuals who attempt to sell you crap that are not interested in and do not really need in the first place?  It happens to me almost all the time.  I do not know what it is.   I wonder sometimes if perhaps I am wearing that special cologne that says, “Oh pick me, pick me.”  If that is the case, I am suing the cologne company I use and switching to different cologne.  Truthfully though, I do not understand why, out of the other 800 people who will be walking around the mall, I seem to be an easy target for these people.

The scene plays out usually in the same manner:  Sir, oh sir, can I talk to you for a minute (which ends up usually being more like twenty minutes)?  With a roll of my eyes, for some reason, I walk close enough to listen to their “presentation.”  They are never ugly people working these booths either.  They are usually some GQ guy or some model from Greece with a sweet accent speaking sweet nothings in your ear.

It is usually at this time, I try to get out of the conversation before they begin their whole deal.  I politely say I am not interested in their product and attempt to continue on my shopping for the day.  Very quickly they respond, “Sir, please give me just a minute to show you how amazing this product works” (in a sweet accent mind you).  So you stay for a moment and try out their “amazing product.”  It is nice but nonetheless, I am again, not interested in buying their product.  So I say, “I am not really interested, thank you” and once again, attempt to walk away.  Again they ask me to stay and listen to them.

By now I am getting frustrated.  I really am not interested with their product at all.  It seems at though the cotton balls in their eyes have enabled their ability to hear my words.  I am not interested and I have no reason to want to stand around and listen to this Greek girl continue her lecture of why I should have this product.  She even offers me a “discount price” in attempts to lure me in.  For the third time, I tell them that I am really not interested.  Not satisfied with my answer, they then try and guilt me by telling me that I could get this for my mom or another family member.  They ask questions like, “If I were to give this to you for free, do you think you would use it?”  No, I respond.  I am not interested.  This will continue on at least another ten minutes before the individual with the Greek accent realizes I am not going to budge and lets me go on my merry way.

Consumerism rape is, in some cases, not much different from an actual rape.  If anyone attempts to do something to an individual without his or her consent, it is considered an assault.  If it continues to the point where a person is pressured into something they do not want to do, it can be an assault that leads to a rape of some form.

Last time I checked, no means no.  That is when the individual is supposed to back off and let that person be.  It is an issue of respect and moral choices.  Why should it be any different from those people in the mall who walk around their little booths with their Greek accents?  Why should I have to say to some guy or girl no six or seven times before they realize I mean business.  One no should be enough don’t you think?

I don’t know, maybe it is just I, but I am tired of consumerism rape in our malls.  I am tired of being held a prisoner in my local mall by the girls with the Greek accents.  I hope we can all agree that consumerism rape should be illegal and the person’s right to say no to any person is their right and should be respected.  It should be reported to the proper authorities in the mall and should never happen ever again.

When I go to the mall now, I have to plan a route around the mall in order not to see those people who attempt to get me to buy their crap.  It should not be that way.  If I am interested, I will make my way over there and ask about the product they are offering.  Am I the only one who is in agreement about this?


One Response to “Consumerism Rape”

  1. todd Says:

    so, here is a question then, does this same thing apply to people who pass out tracts and evangelize on the streets? just a question 🙂

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