Doing Church: Exodus 19

I have to be honest and say that it was nice taking a week and fasting from posting on my site.  Sometimes I feel as though I “have to” post something intelligent or something when really the purpose of posting is to get all the junk out of my head into some meaningful and logical sense so I can store it away and read it later on.  Fasting from something that we normally do out of habit is oftentimes difficult but actually enables us to do whatever it is we do – better.  Which is always a nice thing.

Anyway – Gary taught this Sunday.  I have to be honest and say that I was really looking forward to this Sunday.  There are some Sundays where I again, have to be honest and say I was either too tired to listen properly or I was not “in the mood” to sit and listen to someone tell me that I had to do something or I had to change something about myself in order to be more like Christ.  I know I am not alone in this so I am not going to sit around and pretend like I am this perfect icon for God because I know I am so far from it.  I am just glad that this Sunday, I was really ready to receive what the Lord wanted me to hear and act upon.

Exodus 19 is a bizarre passage concerning a conversation between God and Moses and the people Israelites.  God told Moses to tell the people to consecrate themselves and wash their clothes.  For the Lord was going to come down and meet with them.  The prophetic and Messianic types throughout this passage is staggering in its totality.  Here are some thoughts about the passage that I took away from the lesson:

1.    God is holy.  The greatness of God is so grand that the people were not allowed to even touch the mountain that the Lord would appear on until the sounding of the trumpet.  If they did, they would die.  They were called to wash their clothes and prepare for the Lord to come.  I do not think we do that often enough in our own way.

2.    God is very clear about how we are to prepare for His arrival.  That is one thing I have always noticed in the OT about God.  He is very specific when there is something important He is about to do.  There are other times when it seems God is just giving a “overview” of what He wants to do in order to see if someone will listen to what He has to say.  God does what God does though.

3.    We are God’s children if we obey what He has called us to do.  It amazes me that God ultimately did not choose the people of Israel because they were a great nation; in fact, they were one of the smallest.  He did not choose them because they were great warriors.  God choose them because He choose them

Check it out.  The passage is filled with a lot of info perhaps we often overlook.  Thanks for checking this out.  God bless


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