The Gospel According to Mac

There are a lot of books out there that make no sense.  The Gospel According to Harry Potter for instance is a perfect example of a book that is ridiculous.  There are a lot of those kinds of books out there.  The Gospel According to Operah, The Gospel According to The Lord of The Rings and other such titles that attempts to provoke the psyche with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  There is in fact only one “The Gospel According to” book that has yet to be written.  I call it, The Gospel According to Mac.  If I were to seriously write this book, this is how I might begin my writing.  (Please note:  This is supposed to be humorous.  Please do not send me hate mail.  I promise I will not read it).

Sitting before me right now is a white MacBook.  It is sleek and slender.  There are no ‘extra edges’ that can get caught on something; it weighs a whole five pounds.  It is, by design, the most perfect notebook on the market.  The Gospel is also the greatest thing on the market.  It is pure (white like the MacBook), and is very simple in design.  Jesus is Lord.  He came to save us from ourselves and to have a real relationship with us.  He died for us and rose from the dead and has given us the Holy Spirit to press on in this life until we met with Him once again for eternity.  There is nothing to get snagged on.  It is just that simple.

The MacBook also has a video camera built in the inner workings.  So too does the Gospel have a Spiritual camera that looks inside you and I.  It sees what we ourselves cannot see with our own eyes.  It also shows us what we ultimately project to others.  Sometimes it is a great thing.  Other times, it is not the prettiest thing to look at.  It does its job though.  With other computers, you usually have to buy a camera at an additional cost.  It is cheap grace.  When we are able to see who we are in Christ, we are better able to make changes in our life for the better.  MacBook has what we are looking for.

The one thing I continually seem to come back to is the fact that a MacBook never seems to crash.  I am sure they do once in 1,000 years or something.  But I have never heard of a MacBook crash.  So too the Gospel never fails us.  Even when we seem to do the wrong thing, the Gospel never shows us a blank screen.  Sometimes we need to just take a moment to reboot our minds and go at it again.  I have had three other computers that were not Macs.  I cannot tell you how many times the computers crashed on me while I was working on something important.  The MacBook has not let me down.  It really is good news!

Another cool characteristic of a MacBook is that it is in no need of a virus program.  For another computer, the need to buy a virus program is ridiculously important.  The MacBook though is pretty much virus free.  To own a virus program is to say that the Gospel alone cannot meet our needs.  When we add a virus program, we are ultimately saying that the Gospel itself is not good enough and that we are in need of a works/faith process.  The Gospel tells us that the blood of Christ covers a multitude of sins.  I wish virus programs did their job and kept viruses away from our computers.  The MacBook though does its job.  It is the fullness of the Gospel.  It is something we can be proud of.

Finally, the MacBook has been tested and proven to be one of the best computers on the market.  It might cost you more than your traditional Dell computer but the for what you get, the cost is well worth its weight in gold.  So too is the Gospel of Jesus.  It will cost you more than any other way of living.  And, though it seems like the cost is too great, it is worth it.   Think about what you have gained knowing that you have the true Gospel before you.  Should we allow the cost of the Gospel to scare us away from having the truth?  In a word, “no.”  There are many fake gospels out there.  Dell, Acer, Compaq, and IBM.  Whatever title you want to give it, the MacBook is what it is.  It does not compromise itself for the sake of other notebooks.  It is something you can rest your papers on and believe you have the greatest notebook money can buy.  The Gospel is like that.  We all know that the notebook God will write in is a MacBook notebook.  It really only makes sense.  So, that being said let us is filled with the Holy Spirit.  Find your MacBook here and find the truth out for yourself.  Find the true Gospel of Jesus in your dusty Bible you have not opened. I know it will bless you as it has me.  God bless


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